My grand ideas for a ‘Grand Design’ style home

Grand design style house

It feels like starting the work on our dream  kitchen has taken an eternity. We’ve been in our ‘forever home’ now since last June, so almost a year. We began the renovations upstairs starting with Rose’s little room first in the hopes that having a child-friendly space of her own would encourage her to spend the whole night in there-still working on that one!

We live on the edge of a forest and our house backs onto an old quarry, the quarry wall is enormous and dwarfs the back of the house making the rooms in the middle quite dark. We have a flat roof so something like a flat skylight would be a perfect solution to brighten the room up. I’ve kept the decor really light in there with cheerful primary colours fingers crossed after a few more weeks she’ll feel more at home in her own room and we can finally get our bed back.

toddler bed with farg and form red cloud bedding

Next up we tackled our master suite, stripping several years worth of wall paper which uncovered the surprise secret doorway into one of the adjacent smaller bedrooms (hello dressing room) We’ve kept this area bright white and will at some point add an accent colour into the dressing room to break up the white space.

bedroom before

Back downstairs and the plans for the kitchen are well underway. We sent off the building regs, booked in the builder and within two days the supporting walls downstairs were no more. This makes way for my ‘Grand Design’ style kitchen and believe me I have a lot of grand ideas!

Now that we have this huge space I want it to be the showstopper room in our home, the kitchen/diner is after all the heart of the home and the main gathering (and loitering) area, especially when there’s something nice cooking and you have teenagers about the place…

There is definite scope for a kitchen extension as we have a lot of space to the front and side of the house. My ideas for the kitchen are a combination of ultra modern materials such as aluminium and perspex as well as bringing the wooded environment from the outdoors, indoors by using reclaimed wood for a huge square dining table.

kitchen before and after walls

The finishing touches will be to add bi-fold slim line doors that open out onto the elevated terrace area outside the dining room. I will be doing a sun dance this year and praying to the good weather Gods that we get to eat outside as much as possible and I can have the bi-fold doors opened all the way.

Yes to sunshine and BBQs I can’t wait!

Would love to hear from you if you’ve renovated your kitchen, have you got any ideas for me?

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  • fridgesays

    Written on 30th May 2016


    I’m going to watch this kitchen develop with lust – I hate mine. Dream big :) and spend loads on handles and ridiculous things that you don’t need but are beautiful

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 30th May 2016


      Yesssss! I’m showing this to my hubby, I am sooooo glad someone else understands about handles and pretty things! I can’t wait to get it done but cringing at the cost a bit!

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