Gratitude list #3

fairy door in a tree

I have had a wonderful, happy and positive week this week, with lots going on to keep me busy. This is what I’m grateful for:

  • A fantastic parents’ evening for Holly where all her teachers said such lovely things about my sweet girl who is trying so hard to do well at school. Hearing her predicted grades makes me so proud and I’m so lucky to have such a lovely daughter like her.
  • All the opportunities my blog has brought me this week. A particular highlight was having hair and make up and a photographer show up to the house on Sunday for our feature in The Sun health supplement, eeek!
  • Spending some quality time with Lewis this week and him making me laugh and smile a lot.
  • Getting to go on a day out with Rose to the local country park and watching her little face as she discovered a fairy door in a tree!
  • The anticipation and excitement of getting a new blog header! I’ve commissioned an illustrator to draw all five of us for the header and she is so talented and amazing I can’t wait to see the results.
  • Making a new blog friend from You Baby Me Mummy Aby has been really nice to me and even took the time to answer an email from me and mentioned me on her blog here!
  • The really positive comments I got from this post about breastfeeding a toddler, it’s been so nice to share experiences with other Mummies.
Linking up with Enchanted Pixie and Mum’s days and You Baby Me Mummy The list. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 27th December 2014


    That’s weird huni, this notification has just popped up on my blog for me to approve the link. Thanks so much for mentioning me and for considering me a friend. I can’t wait to meet up xxx

    • Amy

      Written on 27th December 2014


      Hey hun, I forsee strange things happening in the future! My site has migrated to WP but it’s got a bit jumbled up and I’m getting all sorts of notifications xxx

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