Hair how to-Fishtail braid

1. Put hair into a side parting and brush it all over one shoulder

2. Split hair into two equal sections

3. Begin your braid by taking a small section of hair from the back of one of the two pieces of hair you had previously split in two

4. Pass it to the other section of hair. You are only ever braiding two sections of hair, passing a piece of hair from the back of one section to the other section and repeat. It sounds and looks complicated but it isn’t, promise!

5. Keep both sections taut so that you get a nice tight braid and this will ensure you don’t get a gap at the top end of the braid.

6. Keep braiding, it will take ages if your hair is long but will be worth the effort!

7. Tie with an elastic. Finished braid will look something like this.

8. Pull at the braid to loosen it and give it a nice shape.

fishtail braid

Voila! One very complicated looking hairstyle which is actually really easy to do and quick once you get the hang of it.


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  • Leigh - Headspace Perspective

    Written on 17th January 2016


    Ah I’d always wanted to know how to do a fishtail braid! It’s like when I first learned to do a waterfall braid, I had bits of hair everywhere but once you get in the hang of it it’s fine. Now I have shorter hair I’m not likely to be trying it myself any time soon, but it’s a fab demonstration, thanks Amy! xx #thelist

  • Fern P

    Written on 19th April 2016


    Ahh I love braids so much! I’ve been trying to do a very similar style braid to this one in my girls’ hair lately but I haven’t managed it yet. French braids I CAN do… Going to give this one a go. Thank you :)

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