Halloween Night In

With Halloween looming just around the corner, we were invited to have a ghoulishly fun night in courtesy of Slumberdown. Ok, so it wasn’t exactly ghoulish, as our youngest Rose isn’t quite old enough for that yet! We did have a lovely time snuggled up underneath our cosy duvets that Slumberdown very kindly sent to us.

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I have written about the fantastic Truly Washable duvet here, for once nothing got spilt but I wouldn’t have worried even if it had as the Truly Washable duvet washes like an absolute dream. Just as the name suggests!

We have really enjoyed using the Sleepwell Luxury duvet from Slumberdown. The duvet is finished with luxury, striped, soft touch microfibre, it’s beautifully comfortable and really has that luxury feel. So nice to get all snuggled up, especially at this time of year.

The kids made a spooky den with their duvet and pillows and ate Halloween themed food and sweets. Holly and Lewis got creative in the kitchen and made us all ‘Witches Fingers’ with the ingredients provided by The Co-Operative. They looked really good and almost too terrifying to eat (almost!)

An afternoon of #Halloween crafts today. We snacked on ‘freaky finger hotdogs’ thanks @CooperativeFood #spookyfood pic.twitter.com/8mFPW4ziCR

— Amy/Mrs T (@MrandMrsTplus3) October 28, 2015

Slumberdown had also sent us some fancy dress and a spooky (yet child-friendly) DVD to watch. It was really fun to celebrate Halloween together. Rose has gone off to her nursery Halloween party today armed with her Trick or Treat bag, and she can’t wait to scare everyone with her plastic spider. I love the delight on her face when she thinks she has played a funny trick on us with it, so cute!


Thanks to Slumberdown for providing us with a night of Halloween fun and to The Co-Operative for the food.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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