Handprint bead by Sophia Alexander

I am so grateful for all the opportunities that blogging brings me. I have been lucky to review many lovely things but I want to start this review off by saying I have never been gifted anything more beautiful or precious than the bead I recently received from Sophia Alexander, it is utterly exquisite.

Rose Engraved Bead 2

Photography credit to Lucille Whiting


If you are  considering a personalised, bespoke and handmade piece of jewellery to treasure forever then I urge you to read on so I can help you make up your mind!

On looking at the charming Sophia Alexander range the hardest decision I had to make was what piece of jewellery I would chose. I considered a necklace but I tend to wear the same gold necklace most of the time and what I was really looking for was something I could wear without ever taking it off.

Beautiful handprint bead from Sophia Alexander

I discovered that Sophia Alexander make beads for charm bracelets and as my Pandora stays on my wrist all of the time, a beautiful bead was the perfect choice.

The Sophia Alexander website is well designed easy to navigate and simple to use. You chose the product you like, so in my case a bead. You then decide whether you would like a fingerprint, handprint or footprint design. Next you elect if you would like 18ct gold, 9ct gold or sterling silver. You also have the opportunity to add extras such as a precious stone and/or lettering.

Once you’ve placed your order you will receive an impressions kit through the post and this is where the fun begins…

As I settled on a handprint design I received an inkless impressions kit to take a copy of little Rose’s handprint. Inside the kit is 1 inkless wipe and 2 sheets of sensitised paper. There are very clear instructions and tips on how to create the perfect impression. A quick summary is; you wipe over the child’s hand and then press the hand on to one of the pieces of paper-a print will immediately appear and you are then able to decide if the print looks detailed enough. We managed a near perfect print on our second attempt.

I showed Rose the bead and explained to her that it was her handprint and she put it onto her hand!

I showed Rose the bead and explained to her that it was her handprint and she put it onto her hand!

Pop you impression into the post and when it is received one of the team will confirm that it is a good useable print.

I should mention at this point that Lucille let me know exactly what was happening with my order at every single step. Her attention to detail is exemplary as is her level of customer service. She has been such a pleasure to work with and an absolute gem, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Your piece of jewellery is now well on the way to becoming a special heirloom for you to admire and keep forever.

Every piece of fingerprint jewellery is hand carved using premium jewellers wax.

We then create a master mould and we send them to be precision cast at our casting house in London’s Hatton Garden.

Molten silver and gold is injected into the mould, filling the void and leaving an exact replica in pure, solid precious metal  

-Lucille Whiting, founder Sophia Alexander 

After this meticulous process, experts will hand finish, polish, and if you have opted to, hand engrave with a font of your choosing and set with a precious stone.

I opted to have Rose engraved on the back of my bead and a tiny diamond set below.

My bead arrived by recorded delivery after around six weeks from the start of the ordering process (this can take longer depending on how busy Sophia Alexander are) it was elegantly packaged in a box tied up with ribbon. I actually made an audible gasp when I opened the box and saw Rose’s dear little handprint on the most perfect bead. To say I’m overjoyed with it is an understatement. I truly could not be happier, it is just so beautiful. I can’t thank Lucille and her team enough for making me something I will cherish and keep with me forever.

Amy & Rose in field copy

‘’For ever since that first day you left a handprint on my heart”

If you are looking to capture your precious memory and transform it into a beautiful, timeless and luxury item of jewellery then you simply must consider investing in a piece from Sophia Alexander you will be delighted you did.

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