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It’s the end of another week and that means I look back and reflect on how I’ve done in my continued mission of 52 Healthy Weeks. Despite the weather I have managed to get out on quite a few runs this week. For those of you who don’t know I’m signed up to my first half marathon on 1st March and week by week I am endeavouring to increase my mileage. At the moment I could comfortably run 5 miles without dying and I have 6 weeks left to build it up to 13.1. At the moment I feel as though I’m a long way off but I’m going to give it a darn good try!

This week I’ve been testing out all sorts of food and drink items to help me in my quest to fitness!

The Primal Kitchen raw paleo bars


I love the idea of leading a paleo lifestyle but with two teenagers and a toddler to feed I must admit sticking to it stringently is difficult. I do however appreciate the benefits of incorporating some paleo foods into my diet, especially when it comes to snacks. I was kindly sent some bars from The Primal Kitchen to try which I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I’m a big fan of nuts and I know some people are afraid of eating them because they worry about the fat content but they are so good for you. In fact a new study has shown that pecans can help to control the levels of cholesterol in our blood. Clever food stuff! Now don’t go out and eat bucket loads as you will get fat BUT as part of a healthy diet nuts, are the nuts…see what I did there! ;)



Fantastic to pop into my changing bag and have as a snack for when I’m on the go. Rose was a big fan too and I have no problem with her snacking on foods like this, I would much prefer it than the other rubbish that is marketed at our kids. As you can see from the photograph there are 4 bars, I was actually sent 5 but greedily scoffed one as soon as I opened the package! The brazil nut and cherry was my absolute favourite, the other flavours are coconut and macadamia, almond and cashew, hazlenut and cacao and apple and pecan. The apple and pecan tasted like Christmas pudding but in a bar! They really were very nice, nom nom!

Available from Tesco, Superdrug, health stores and your local gym might stock them too. Priced £1.49 each. For further info visit

Upbeat high protein dairy drink


I’ve never really considered looking into the protein in my diet until now. I train and work out pretty hard. I lift weights in the gym, not because I want to look like a female body builder but because I’m trying to build a strong and lean body. In fact in 2015 it is my mission to build the best body I’ve ever had. For that I need extra protein. In fact I need 95-105 grams of protein per day! One of the easiest ways I can incorporate this into my diet is by drinking it, but I don’t want to be drinking shed loads of milk because firstly I can’t stand drinking just milk and secondly it can be high in fat.

Even if you don’t work out, your body still needs protein. Protein is absolutely essential, it maintains muscles, supports strong bones and is a core nutrient that ensures you stay healthy and maintain your stamina. Each bottle of Upbeat contains 20g of whey protein, has half the sugar of most fruit juices and smoothies and is no more than 150 calories.


This past week I have been drinking these lovely shakes from. They taste like a hybrid between a yoghurt drink and a smoothie/milkshake. In the evenings at around 8pm when I’m usually sitting at my laptop I get really hungry. Trying to resist the urge to snack before bed is really hard for me and that’s where these come in really handy. They are a fantastic sustitute for having something naughty but you feel like you’re having a treat and doing something nice for your body at the same time. They are high protein and low in fat so a total win win for me. I like them so much I’ve bought loads more (with my own money!) and they will now be a constant in my diet.

Upbeat comes in three flavours; blueberry and raspberry (my favourite) mango and passion fruit and also strawberry. Available in the dairy aisle from Tesco, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Ocado and other supermarkets. Priced at £1.79 but when I bought my second batch (tesco) they were only a pound each so I stocked up.

Do let me know what you’ve been snacking on. Have you tried Upbeat or The Primal Kitchen bars?

*I was sent the Primal Kitchen bars and Upbeat drinks for the purpose of this review, opinions as always are my own.

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  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 16th January 2015


    I like the sound of the bars, I’ve always been a fan of nakd bars and these sound similar so I might give them a try. Thanks for the info.x

  • Sim @

    Written on 16th January 2015


    The Upbeat drinks look quite nice, may look into them as I am sure I do need to increase my protein intake! The bars look nice to – not up on the paleo diet though have heard people mention it – ok just checked – so I cannot eat bread or drink alcohol? Bread is my weakness, I could not do without it and albeit I am quite enjoying dry January, I will no doubt have a drink at the end of the month… Good luck with the training Amy!! Sim xx

    • Amy

      Written on 16th January 2015


      Haha thanks hun, yes the bread thing is a bit of an issue for me, also couldn’t really go without pasta either lol! The upbeat drinks are amazing I can’t believe how much protein they cram into one little bottle-taste really good too! xx

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