Help beat kids’ cancers by giving up your clothes for good with TK Maxx

Bag up your unwanted clothes and take them to your nearest TK Maxx store to raise money for kids’ cancers

Hand’s up who has read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo? I bet you have, or at the very least heard of it! In a nutshell, in order to transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free zone you have to get rid of EVERYTHING that doesn’t “spark joy”.

Easier said than done? Yes definitely, although once you get going there will be no stopping you. Promise!

So, you know those jeans you’ve been trying to fit into since 2003 or the clutch bag you’ve been ‘saving’ for when you no longer have to lug about your stuff, plus the baby’s and the toddler’s?

Bag up your unwanted clothes and take them to your nearest TK Maxx store to raise money for kids’ cancers

Put it in the bag people!

Cleanse yourselves, you will feel so much better. Once you’ve tackled your home and successfully transformed your space, do something awesome and hot foot it down to your nearest TK Maxx and donate all your unwanted clothes, accessories and homeware – the things that don’t spark joy, remember? TK Maxx will pass them along to Cancer Research UK to be sold, raising money for kids’ cancer charities.

Let the things that no longer fill you with joy, brighten up someone else’s day. It’s win, win!


Since 2004 TK Maxx have raised over a staggering 22 million for Cancer Research UK’s work with 18 million of that going specifically to supporting research into children’s cancers. The campaign runs all year and there are permanent donation points in every store, giving you plenty of time to have a clear out and then donate your unwanted items to support the charity.

Anything that can’t be sold will be recycled and you can be assured that all money raised goes directly where it is needed: towards helping to beat kids’ cancer.

Cancer Research UK carries out pioneering research across the country to help beat children’s cancers sooner.

In the UK around 3,800 young people are diagnosed with cancer every year. That’s 10 young people every day. Thanks to research though, more children are surviving than ever before. In the 1970s more than a third survived, but now that’s three – quarters. {Source TK Maxx}

Whether you’re using the KonMari method to organise your life or not, I’m sure we all have at least a bag full of unwanted items that can make a big difference.

By giving up your clothes for good, you really can help to beat kids’ cancers sooner, so what are you waiting for?

*This is a collaborative post with Tots100 and TK Maxx my fee will be donated to Cancer Research UK

*Image credit-TK Maxx

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