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It’s been almost a year since we moved into our dream house, hooray! The main living room was probably the most decent of all the rooms in terms of decor and so it will be one of the last places we decorate but with the master bedroom suite nearing completion and the kitchen demolition well underway, I’ve turned my attention to the living room and been spending a bit of time (read:too much time!) over on Pinterest deciding on a new look.

Home and Interiors

As far as colour palettes go I always look to the Pantone colour forecast and this year it has some of my all-time favourites with Rose Quartz being colour of the year. I like my walls white, I then bring in colour when choosing soft furnishings such as blankets, throws, cushions and the all important sofa.

Pantone spring colour palette

Image credit-Enreverie Blog

So as you can see the spring palette is much to be expected with pretty pastels dominating along with fresh green and fiery red. I’m happy to see a coffee shade there which would work as an excellent muted accent colour, a fluffy rug perhaps?

Our first job will be to get the wallpaper stripped and the walls freshly painted. I think we will opt for a darkish carpet that can survive the inevitable toddler attacks. We have had our leather sofa for donkeys years and it really has seen better days. I’ve been looking at sofas and dreaming of a beautiful cream one but unfortunately that wouldn’t be practical with a toddler around or a husband that spends his days on a building site, I don’t think my nerves could take it. I will probably go for dark leather again because it ages so well.

We have patio doors both ends of the room, plus a small window that I’ll need to find lined curtains for. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to find some ready made ones again I’m really loving the mink coloured curtains lately, and have just chosen a couple of pairs for the main bedroom, I like them because they’re plain but sophisticated, they are a lovely brushed silk fabric which is great for adding some texture to the room so I’ll probably opt for something similar in the living room.

We’ve just got a new LG 4K TV which gives us something to point all the furniture at <winks> to be fair I spend most of my time staring at the piles of toys that Rose leaves in her path of destruction instead of watching TV!

To finish I’d love to add flourishes with huge rose quartz coloured vases full to the brim with the ranunculus that I’m promising to plant this year. So much to do, so little time…

You can check out my Home and Interiors Pinterest board to see all my living room interiors ideas in one place, and let me know if you’ve decorated lately and what sort of design you went for.

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