Home made Easter eggs featuring Kreisdesign

This post is from last year, re-sharing now as totally relevant again! Enjoy…

Now Rose is a little older I thought it might be nice to do an Easter craft activity with her. We got busy this afternoon making home made Easter eggs for her big brother and sister. Shush don’t tell them!

easter egg

Homemade Easter eggs 1

You will need



Treats for inside

Some fabulous egg cups to display your gifts-ours are from Kreisdesign*

Homemade Easter eggs 2


  • Stretch open a balloon and pop a couple of little treats inside.
  • Blow up balloon until it fits inside the egg cup you will be displaying it in and tie it up.
  • Melt milk chocolate in one bowl and white chocolate in another.
  • Now the fun part! Get to work by drizzling the different coloured chocolate over the surface of the balloon. Rose had brilliant fun doing this and her favourite part was licking the spoon in between decorating her balloon. I won’t tell the big kids if you don’t! Don’t fully cover the balloon with chocolate-it works better if it’s more of a shell.
  • Place your balloons in the egg cups and put in the fridge to set.
  • As you’ve drizzled the chocolate over there will be a few gaps-insert a sharp knife through one of the gaps and pop the balloon. This should leave you with the treats inside the shell and you can pull the balloon out through one of the gaps.

Decorating easter eggs

Aren’t they fab? I thought Rose did a fantastic job at making Easter gifts for Lewis and Holly. I really love the presentation of them in these gorgeous wooden egg cups from Kreisdesign and the wooden tray is perfect for storing left over chocolates and making the gifts look extra special.

homemade easter eggs finished 1


Home made Easter eggs http://www.amytreasure.com/

Have you made any Easter crafts yet?

*Kreisdesign egg cups and tray kindly gifted to us.


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