Home made wet wipes recipe using ‘Cheeky bots kit’

Disposable wet wipes have their place and are oh so convenient for using when out and about but when I’m at home I favour reusable wet wipes. I’m a real advocate for natural skincare and really like the idea of using essential oils and aromatherapy. I feel as though they’re much gentler on Rose’s skin, get her cleaner than a wet wipe would and I’m doing my little bit for the environment at the same time.

IMG_2971I bought a kit from Cheeky Bots for around £30 which contains the following:

  • A clip-box for ‘fresh wipes’
  • A clip box for ‘mucky wipes’
  • 25 washable reusable wipes
  • ‘Fresh wipes’ out and about mesh bag
  • ‘Mucky wipes’ out and about mesh bag
  • 10ml bottle of lavender essential oil for the ‘fresh wipes’
  • 10 ml bottle of tea tree and lemon essential oil for the ‘mucky wipes’
  • In addition I bought an extra set of 25 coloured washable reusable wipes so I could separate wipes for faces (coloured ones) and wipes for bottoms (plain white)


Below is the recipe I use for the ‘fresh wipes’ You need to fill up the clip-box to the water fill line, add the ingredients, then your wipes on top. 25 will probably last a couple of days. When you’re done using a wipe pop it into the ‘mucky wipes’ clip-box and stick in the washing machine next time you put a load on.

  • Boiled water from the kettle
  • a splash of baby shampoo-I use Burts Bees
  • a couple of drops of lavender oil
  • Make a cup of tea using a chamomile tea bag and add that in too
  • Pop your wipes on top and ‘voila’ your own home made wet wipes!


For the ‘Mucky box’ just fill it with boiled water and add a tiny drop of the tea tree and lemon oil, it’s very potent so do this away from baby.

The wipes wash really well and have lasted me since Rose was born!

I’d love to hear how you get on with reusable wipes if you use them. Have you any recipes to share?

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