Homemade Valentine’s day card how-to

In the spirit of upcoming Valentine’s day and because I’m an old romantic at heart, I thought I’d make the lovely Mr T a homemade card. Actually, over the years Mr T has had quite a few homemade gifts and cards from me and alway ‘ooohs and ahhhs’ in all the right places, bless him! Now I’m not saying I’m the craftiest wife around but here’s how I fared after a trip to hobby craft and lots of glue dots later…

valentines card collage

You’re going to need:

Some card-I bought a pack of pre folded white card (hobbycraft) in the anticipation that I might get really good at card making. But one piece folded in half would be fine too.

Some decorations-I used paper hearts that I bought from eBay absolutely ages ago (probably when I thought I was going to get into card making)

glue dots or prit stick

  • draw a heart shape on the front of the card (I used a cookie cutter)
  • Take your hearts, pop a glue dot on the back of each one and stick them on to the heart shape you’ve just drawn.
  • Inside I stuck a paper butterfly (again from eBay)
  • Write suitably slushy message
  • Give to your partner and get ready for the compliments-even if it’s rubbish they will love that you went to the trouble to make it in the first place!

inside card

Because I have waaaay to much time on my hands I made two cards. For the second card I cut out a heart shape and then Rose helped me to stick a load of googly eyes on it we then glued it back on from the inside. I got the ideas for these cards on Pinterest so check out my Valentine’s board for other romantic ideas!

goggly eyes card

valentines card pin

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