How does pregnancy affect your vision?

I loved being pregnant with all three of my children. Each new symptom a reminder to the miraculous changes going on within my body. One particular change I wasn’t quite prepared for and didn’t know anything about was the change in my vision.

Here is an interesting infographic from Vision Direct UK revealing how pregnancy affects your vision.


Pregnancy and Vision Infographic

With my eldest, Lewis, I experienced quite extreme light sensitivity, especially in artificial light, watching television or if I was in a car at night, the lights from the other cars would bring on headaches. These symptoms quickly dissipated soon after he was born.

Just as pregnancy hormones affect the rest of your body, they are also to blame for changes to your vision. For example, just as pregnant women retain water in their legs and ankles, fluid is also retained in their eyes. The extra fluid affects the thickness of your cornea, resulting in blurred or distorted vision-Brendan O’Brian, Vision Direct’s head optician.

It’s important to mention any changes to your midwife or GP as in some cases changes in vision can be an indicator of a more serious condition.

Thanks to Vision Direct for a really interesting infographic.

How about you, did your vision change during pregnancy?

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