How I got my BritMums live outfits gifted (and how you can too!)

This is a post I published last year, but it is apt at the moment with BML (BritMums Live) Just around the corner, woohoo! I have followed the same steps this year and successfully had my outfit gifted for the day. If you haven’t approached a brand before, then now is the perfect time to do so. Don’t forget this is blogging and NOT blagging; if you don’t ask you don’t get! You will be working for the clothes and will have earnt them by giving the brand amazing exposure.

Gina Bacconi for John Lewis

Outfit one from last year’s BML: dress-Gina Bacconi | shoes-LK Bennett

I mentioned in my BritMums meme that I’ve been lucky to secure an outfit for both days at BritMums live this year.

I have been asked a few times on Twitter how I managed this and so thought I would pop up a quick post explaining the steps I took. Hopefully, this gives some of you the motivation to approach a brand for your outfit too!

I am not shy about contacting brands if I have something of worth to offer them in return. As bloggers, our space on the internet is an enticing form of advertising to brands. We are important to them and are able to reach a niche and targeted audience.

Planet=Jacques Vert Group

Outfit two from last year’s BML: dress-Planet (Jacques Vert) | shoes-as above

So first things first, know your worth…

You don’t have to be the biggest blogger on the block to be attractive to a brand. If you write well, take good photographs and have a loyal readership, even if it is small, there are brands that will want to work with you. You just have to go knocking on some doors.

It also helped immensely that a member of my blog tribe hooked me up with one of her contacts for one outfit so I was already halfway there-I just had to impress with an introductory email. I can’t stress how important it is to have a blogging tribe. You all help each other out and share ideas on how to get work. You can read more about that in this post ‘How I tripled my blog traffic in three easy steps’ but back to the task in hand…

I set about emailing two brands I like with a proposal:

  • I introduced myself and my blog
  • Explained about BritMums live and told them it is the biggest event for parent bloggers in the UK with 700+ people in attendance
  • I included a link to similar review I have done giving an example of my previous work
  • I promised lots of exposure for their brand with tweets/Instagram pics throughout the day, telling my followers who had gifted me and outfit for the event
  • I attached a copy of my media kit which has my current stats on

Confidence is definitely key and as long as you have something of value to offer there is absolutely no harm in approaching a brand you admire.

The same premise goes for approaching brands in general. If you have an idea, then don’t be afraid to ask the brand if they would consider working with you. So be proactive and pitch away!

Will I see you at BML this year and more importantly, what are you wearing? ;-)

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