How to make an easy no-sew tutu

I love dressing up my girls and making tutus for them to wear is something I’ve been doing for a few years now. Ok, so maybe Holly is a little old for dressing up but trust me being able to pull an easy costume together in under an hour is a skill all Mamas should learn.

tutu finished 1

I’ve used this easy no-sew tutu method for dressing-up, world book day costumes, halloween, you name the occasion and I’ve probably made a tutu to match!

I’ve put together a quick tutorial to show you the easiest and quickest way to make your own no sew tutu…

For a 3 colour tutu you will need:

  • 3 rolls of tulle (I buy these from eBay they are 6’’ wide and 25 yards in length)
  • a length of elastic
  • scissors


  • First you need to measure your little one around the waist, cut your elastic to the appropriate length. Now, for a true no-sew you can tie the elastic as shown in the picture below. I personally prefer to stitch the elastic part together otherwise it’s a little bulky. It only requires a very basic stitch (like sewing on a button) and if I can manage that then so can you!

tutu1 IMG_4294

  • Next you need to cut your tulle into lengths. You want double the length of material for the length of the skirt. Rose is almost two and quite tall, I wanted her skirt to be 10 inches long so I cut the pieces of tulle 20 inches long.
  • Keep cutting the tulle until you have cut all the material into strips. This doesn’t have to be super accurate, in fact the finished tutu will look better if it’s not completely uniform and you can always trim it when it’s finished if you want it to look more even.
  • Once you’ve finished cutting all your material it’s time to assemble your tutu. I have found the easiest way of doing this is to slip the elastic over my leg (garter style) and begin tying on the tulle. I have shown you the tying process in the pictures below.

tutu-step by step

  • Make a loop in the centre of a strip of tulle and hold it behind the elastic.
  • Pull the material through the loop which will tie it into a knot on the elastic waistband.
  • Continue all the way around the elastic, alternating colours as you go.
  • It’s as simple as that!

Have you ever made a costume for your little one? Let me know if you’re thinking of making a tutu, I’d love to hear how it turns out!

How to make a super easy NO SEW tutu in under an hour. All you need is a piece of elastic and some lengths of tulle. Check out the blog post for an easy step-by-step with detailed images!



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