Interview with a blogger: Darren Coleshill from One Dad 3 Girls

A landscape photograph by Darren Coleshill of One Dad 3 Girls blog

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview multi award winning blogger and photographer- Darren from One Dad 3 Girls. As you guys know I am always looking to improve on my own photography and so these interviews are as much for me as they are for you.

I regularly join in with Darren’s very popular My Sunday Photo linky and just love looking at all of Darren’s photographs each week, I especially admire his landscape and macro photography, genres that I would like to learn more about.

In this interview I asked Darren about the technicalities of photography and if he could offer me some practical tips, here’s what he had to say…

1. When did your love of photography begin? 

I’ve had an interested in photography for many many years but this has only started to become more serious over the past 5 years or so. In the past my photography has been for work purposes but now I have a lot more enjoyment in it.
2. What camera do you use?
I chop and change my camera so much but at the moment I have settled on an Olympus OM-D EM10 which is a micro four thirds system. For those that are unaware this is a system that allows you to change lenses but the overall package is a lot more compact that a dSLR.
3. What is your preferred/most used lens? 
At the moment my lens of choice is the Olympus 14 – 42mm which for me covers everything I need. It seems perfect for landscapes which I am doing more and more of at the moment. I do have my eye on something a little longer such as a 300mm just for when we visit zoos or for other wildlife projects.
4. What subject do you like to photograph best?
Oh that’s a tricky one, this changes from mood to mood. At the moment I’m enjoying landscape photography but I am also keen on a flower photo or two. I prefer not to sit myself in one genre so like to mix it up as much as possible.
5. Where is your favourite place to take photographs?
I don’t think you can beat the seaside for photography. In the UK we have the most beautiful coastline in the World and there is always something going on. I think a place like Padstow is so picture perfect no matter what the weather.
6. Do you do much editing to your photographs and if you do what software do you use?
I do quite a lot of editing, I know people often say you should be able to get the look and photo you want just by using the camera but I disagree. Editing a photo can bring it to life and set it apart from other people’s. To edit my photos I use a mixture of PicMonkey or if on the move then Snapseed.
7. As a beginner photographer I try my best to shoot in manual but often miss the moment. Have you got any advice or tips for me? 
Learning to shoot manual is not a quick thing and takes time. Don’t get caught up in trying to shoot manual, often instead the photo requires a slightly different setting and switching to aperture mode will give you the photo you’re after. Even the best professional photographers don’t shoot all the time in manual.
8. In your opinion, what elements make up the perfect image?
I’m not sure what the perfect photo is, I’ve never taken the perfect photo. I think I’ve taken photos which are good but never perfect. I often look back and think ‘oh I wish I changed this’ but that’s how I learn.
9. You are a fan of macro photography (which I love) does this require a completely different skill set?
Macro takes a little getting used to, firstly you’ll need a macro lens or in my case I bought some extension tubes to attach to my lens which converts it into a macro lens. To grab a good photo you’ll need a tripod as the camera needs to be perfectly still.
10.I know it will be a hard choice but of all the photographs you have taken which is your absolute favourite and why? 
I really like this photo which was taken at Sheffield Park in East Sussex over a Bank Holiday a few months back. It just makes me feel relaxed and reminds me of the fun we had there. I imagine this will change over the months and I’ll have a new favourite.
A landscape photograph by Darren Coleshill of One Dad 3 Girls blog
Isn’t that a super shot? Thanks so much to Darren for agreeing to be interviewed here on my blog, I know he is a really busy guy and very much appreciate the time taken out to answer my questions and give us all some really fantastic practical tips. I for one am taking away that I don’t always *have* to shoot in manual to get the shot.
Be sure to check out Darren’s brilliant blog One Dad 3 Girls and also his My Sunday Photo linky.

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