Introducing Ashleigh Money Saver-Britain’s favourite money saver

Ashleigh Swan-Ashleigh Money Saver

Hands up who doesn’t like saving money?

No one? I didn’t think so! I am the first to say I bloomin’ love a bargain, in fact I’d go so far as to say I’m a pretty savvy shopper.

We live in an age where information is readily available at our fingertips (literally) and there are some amazing and really easy ways of saving yourself a few bob. This is where the likes of Ashleigh Swan comes in and it is no surprise that Ashleigh Money Saver* is Britain’s favourite money saver.

Ashleigh Money Saver is the brainchild of Ashleigh Swan; super blogger and money saver extraordinaire! Ashleigh started out in 2013 with a Facebook page, a place to network and share titbits and bargains with friends and family. She had such a canny knack for seeking out a saving or spotting a pricing error that her page quickly grew and over a short time amassed an enormous 272,000 likes.

Ashleigh made what must have been a very difficult decision and gave up her day job in order to pursue Ashleigh Money Saver as a full time business. Together with a handpicked team of price-busting experts, Ashleigh juggles a hectic schedule of being mum whilst chasing bargains, sharing her top tips and saving Britain money. Frankly a veritable force to be reckoned with!

Ashleigh promises to save us money and the Ashleigh Money Saver website is stuffed full of useful information. With continually updated tips, offers, competitions, voucher codes, price glitches and sales. You will without a doubt find a saving; whether you have a child’s birthday coming up and want to save a few quid on toys, maybe you’re planning a day out and want to take advantage of the best deal. Or perhaps you have been unfairly charged for a parking ticket and want to learn the best way to claim it back-there is something for everyone. Ashleigh and her team really have thought of everything.

Here’s a Top Ten list of ways YOU can save money today:

  • Sign up to the free Ashleigh Money Saver text service, which alerts you to price glitches as soon as they happen.
  • ‘Like’ the Ashleigh Money Saver Facebook page for constant updates and the latest money saving news.
  • Check out the Ashleigh Money Saver website and sign up for the newsletter. Ashleigh promises to save you money.
  • Haggle, haggle haggle but do it nicely and politely. Don’t expect a freebie but be aware that a lot of high street stores are able to offer a discount (usually up to 10%) at the manager’s discretion.
  • Set up 1 click ordering on Amazon. When you get a heads-up from Ashleigh Money Saver telling you about Amazon’s ‘lightening deals’ they often only last minutes, the last thing you want is to have to waste time inputting all your details.
  • Renegotiate your tv and internet packages regularly. Tell your service provider you have been offered a better deal elsewhere. They might call your bluff and cancel but in Ashleigh’s experience they will call back within a few days to offer a better deal. Kerching!
  • Go to the Ashleigh Money Saver site and join Ashleigh’s Big Power Switch, it’s completely free with no hidden costs and no catches. Ashleigh is committed to saving you money and her last scheme saved households an average of a whopping £250.00!
  • Get to know and utilise the companies that price match to your advantage. John Lewis and Toys R Us are great examples of retailers that will beat or match a price you’ve seen elsewhere.
  • Ashleigh advises you to register your debit card with the Top Cashback website and earn money while you shop.
  • Lastly, NEVER pay full price if you can help it. Go to the Ashleigh Money Saver website, sign up to the alerts and newsletter, like the Facebook page and use all the knowledge and expertise available to save yourself some money!

I hope you guys find these tips and advice useful and I am pretty sure that it’s going to save you all a lot of money.

I have been putting all of Ashleigh’s tips to good use and with not one but four birthdays coming up in the next month I am one happy lady.

Ashleigh Money Saver my purse strings (and my husband) salute you!

*Post in collaboration with Ashleigh Money Saver

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  • Natalie / UEM

    Written on 18th May 2015


    Some great tips, I love a bargain! And I’m saving up our cash back to put towards either Christmas or decorating the house. Love feeling like I’ve got free money! Lol

    • Amy

      Written on 19th May 2015


      Oh yes, you’ve got to love free money lovely! It definitely pays to be savvy these days x

  • Mel

    Written on 27th May 2015


    There is something really satisfying about feeling like you’ve grabbed a good deal, isn’t there. Money saving tips are always great and I once managed to get a Le Creuset casserole half price through an Amazin loophole which didn’t stay there very long. I think about that every time I cook!

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