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bodychef lunch

If you read my blog then you will know that I have tried a number of healthy eating plans already this year in my attempts to lose a bit of weight. I can’t even call it ‘mummy tummy’ anymore as my youngest is almost two years old! I’m afraid I’ve got stuck in a bit of a rut and don’t seem to be able to budge my last bit of bulge..

I’m not massively overweight but I am a LOT bigger that I’ve ever been. Prior to having Rose (my youngest) I have always been a size 10. I put on quite a bit of weight when I was pregnant-just over 4 stone and have found it difficult to lose. I breastfed Rose until she was 20 months old and just felt so hungry all the time. I was also busier than I’ve ever been looking after a baby and teenagers and have found myself making some really bad choices. Now that Rose has self-weaned I feel that I have no excuses and would really love to get back in my size 10 jeans by the summer.


I’d like to introduce Bodychef* to you. Bodychef are a healthy home delivery diet plan company. They offer, quite frankly, a staggering amount of choice and this is one of the reason I was super excited to work with them. You can chose from 15 freshly made meal plans ranging from Dukan or Paleo to low sugar and everything in between. Each eating plan is specifically tailored to suit your individual needs. Bodychef take care of the shopping, calorie-counting and cooking so no stress for you!

I find one of the hardest things when dieting is the rigorous planning that goes into it and for me to be able to go to a website, input my data and chose my menu from a huge selection is like a breath of fresh air, and so convenient.

bodychef lunch

Bodychef deliver fresh food twice weekly and all of your meals will arrive individual packaged and labelled with a  menu attached so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be eating and on which days. I don’t think they could have made it any easier. There’s also no long term commitment unlike lots of slimming clubs or other home delivery diet plans.

So, what about the actual food as that’s the most important thing right?! I had heard that Bodychef was good but I am blown away by the quality of the food. So far all my meals have been absolutely delicious and although I was shocked at the portion size to begin with (my portions are way too big and that’s obviously where I’m going wrong) I have not been hungry, cheated or craved any ‘naughty food’ since I’ve been doing Bodychef.

Bodychef dinner

I chose the Mediterranean plan and it’s amazing! It’s worth mentioning that because it comes so brilliantly packaged it’s also highly portable. This Sunday we went for a walk and picnic, usually I would have caved and had a load of sausage rolls and crisps but I took my lunch along with me and stayed with the plan and felt a real sense of achievement as I do tend to let myself down at the weekends but as Bodychef is so diverse it’s easy to stick to.

Body chef eating lunch

I decided to do a weigh-in and have included a couple of pictures of how I look at the moment, a bit embarrassing but this helps make me accountable and I really want to be able to show progress! My goal weight is around 9 stone 4 pounds.

As of Thursday 19th March:

Weight: 10 stone 10 pounds

Height: 5’6

Dress size: 14

Before shots BodyChef

I will weigh-in again this Thursday and update you with my results then. Fingers crossed for a loss!

If you are tempted to try this for yourself, Bodychef are offering readers of Mr and Mrs T Plus Three 10% off your first order. Just enter ATDIET when you check out.

*I have been given a trial of Bodychef for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are as always my own.

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    • Amy

      Written on 24th March 2015


      The portions are huge at lunch at dinner and breakfast is a bit smaller than I’d usually have but I’m lasting without snacking or feeling starving and can’t tell you how much I look forward to and enjoy each meal. It’s a brilliant plan x

  • Donna

    Written on 24th March 2015


    That food looks lovely, I wouldn’t have thought it was from a diet company. You also don’t look a size 14 x

    • Amy

      Written on 24th March 2015


      oh thank you my love those jeans are a 32 waist (Topshop) and feel so tight. I used to be a 28 so have loads of pairs I can’t wear right now but hopefully I’ll be able to stick at this x

  • Wave to Mummy

    Written on 25th March 2015


    Love it, it looks great! Good luck with your plan, hopefully you will get your results with Bodychef help. Signing up to a service like this is probably something I should do too as I have been struggling with my weight far too long now… #triedtested

    • Amy

      Written on 25th March 2015


      Oh Aby don’t make me blub you’re too lovely to me! I just want to be back how I was…it really is yummy food though so hopefully I’ll lose a few pounds and actually enjoy the diet at the same time, doesn’t really feel like a diet yet! xxx

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