Introducing the Brug – a rug and a bag in one!

Brug picnic blanket and bag

I don’t often do take on reviews on my blog, I made a promise to myself and my readers that I would only ever feature and review things that I would actually buy and use. When I was approached by Wunderlife and they told me about their star product the Brug* I immediately knew how handy it would come in and it really is something I would see and think: blimey, what a BRILLIANT and innovative idea, I want one! 

the Brug by Wunderlife

The Brug is a multifunctional bag that transforms into a large water-resistant rug. My first thought when I saw it was that it would be a fantastic alternative to a picnic bag or basket – but it is so much more than that. It’s big enough to fit in a whole picnic, plus whatever else you would need for a day out. Bucket and spade, a frisbee, ball for the kids to chase about. Towels swimming cossies, the list goes on. You pack it all up in the Brug and then once you get wherever you’re going, open it up and you have all the stuff you need plus a huge rug for everyone to sit on. Best bit is, once you’re done, chuck everything back onto the rug, pull the drawstrings and zip it up and you’re good to go.


Drug by Wunderlife

That means, no more struggling out of the car with your picnic basket plus a rug (which you can never fold up into the tiny square its life began as) and all the other paraphernalia you need to take with you on a day out. The Brug just makes it really easy, and anything that takes the hassle out of a day out is a winner in my book.

You could even use it at home just like Rose and I did last week when we had a picnic carpet lunch.

Brug picnic blanket and bag


I’m sold! Where can I buy one?

Well, I’m glad you asked because this is the good bit. The people at Wunderlife have launched a Kickstarter campaign today which means you can be a part of the crowdfunding for the Brug 2.0 design. The exciting part is you get a massive discount as an ‘early bird’ backer and will receive the Brug at 40% discount on the retail price – £38 instead of £63.

This is an absolute bargain and will transform your days out during the summer months. It really is a must-have for busy families and comes highly recommended from me.

Find the Kickstarter page for the Wunderlife Brug 2.0 by clicking this link and don’t miss out on this fantastic product.

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