Introducing #LittleFierceOnes an Instagram community

#LittleFierceOnes an Instagram community created by Aby Moore and Amy Treasure

I love Instagram, it really gives me so much pleasure selecting special photographs for my feed and sharing snippets from our lives. This could be a cake I’ve baked, some beautiful roses from my garden or a photograph that symbolises the magic of childhood: usually a capture of Rose (as she is my most willing subject) experiencing a new adventure, enjoying the outdoors or playing a game of make-believe.

Aby and I really wanted to start a new venture and as we are never far from our cameras, we decided that a photography based project would be perfect. We both enjoy using Instagram and decided to create a community hashtag just for Instagram and so began #LittleFierceOnes

shakespeare quote, and though she be but little, she is fierce.This William Shakespeare quote from A Midsummer Night’s dream inspired our hashtag, although it describes Helena (who was probably about 13) we feel it sums up perfectly the images of our strong-willed, adventurous and determined little people, who are most definitely fierce!

We would really love you to see you joining in with this and to help us to build a like-minded community sharing images of your #LittleFierceOnes We will showcase our favourites giving you more exposure and sharing your images with our audience.

Each week on a Wednesday, I will share a couple of my own favourite shots, one of Aby’s and chose one from the hashtag as my featured image.

My favourite three

It wasn’t too hard for me to chose these as I scrolled through my feed as Rose is so expressive she always looks pretty adventurous and fierce! I just love the one of her in the egg but I think my favourite shot at the moment is the one of her in the churchyard, I am particularly proud of that one!

fo 2

fo 3

fo 1

My favourite from-Aby, You Baby Me Mummy

There is no doubting that Aby’s photography is stunning, her pictures just get better and better and sometimes her captions have me in tears. The love she has for Baby shines through in every single shot. She absolutely nailed it with this capture of Baby in the woods.

fo 4

My featured image-Fable & Folk

This is where I will eventually feature an image from the community but as this is a new venture I have chosen a picture from Annie at Fable and Folk. For me, Annie’s photography is the stuff that dreams are made of and this image of her son reminds me of Swallows and Amazons. Annie’s Instagram feed is brilliant she is such a talent and this photograph embodies the whole feeling of what we are aiming to achieve.

fo 5

This project is inclusive of boys and girls of all ages so please feel free to join us if you have older children. It is completely open to interpretation and there are no rules. You don’t need to have a blog to join in, just an Instagram account and don’t forget to use the #LittleFierceOnes hashtag so that we can see all your lovely pictures and grow this community.

I am @mrandmrstplus3 on Instagram and Aby is @youbabymemummy

We absolutely can not wait to see all your #LittleFierceOnes

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