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I am so excited and absolutely delighted to announce that I am a featured vlogger for the brand spanking new Mum’s Channel on YouTube launching this Friday 12th June.

I have touched on this in a previous post but for those of you who missed it: Mum’s Channel was founded by Kaz of Ickle Pickle’s Life. It is her vision to create a collaborative channel on YouTube where a group of featured vloggers come together to share their experiences of being mums- a channel by mums for mums.

The resident expert at Mum’s Channel is Fi Star-Stone of Childcare is Fun. Fi has appeared on TV and Radio and is also the author of the book The Baby Bedtime Book-Say Goodnight to Sleepless Nights. She will be on hand to share her wealth of information and expertise with you.

Featured vloggers are:

Kaz from Ickle Pickle’s Life

Aby from You Baby Me Mummy

Zena from Zena’s Suitcase

Kara from Chelsea Mamma

Sian from You’re Not From Round Here

and ME, exciting stuff!

Between us we have a whopping 19 children ranging in age from baby right up to early 20s. Safe to say we will have clocked up a fair few sleepless nights over the years! We’ve also had the same worries, doubts, happy and sad times that all mums have to deal with. We are all (relatively!) unscathed and can’t wait to share our journey with you.

There is also the opportunity for YOU to guest vlog so if you are interested in being part of the channel then let me know in the comments or get in touch with Kaz(@MumsChannel) on Twitter or Facebook. We would love to hear from you.

Mum’s Channel will cover a whole host of topics from IVF to feeding, weaning to bedtime routine and everything in-between. There really will be something for everyone and best of all a huge amount of experience from mums who have been there and done it.

We want to help you, offer advice and just let you know you are not alone! Mothering is bloomin’ hard work and this channel will be THE place to go when you need a bit of reassurance.

We hope that it will be a fantastic and useful resource for you all and a wonderful and welcoming community ‘for mums of every age at every stage’

Please do join us over there!

You can find Mum’s Channel here:

YouTube Channel



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