An introduction to Cozyglo-keeping guard while you sleep

One of the things I love about social media, Twitter in particular, is the interaction that I have with companies that I’m not already familiar with. I recently struck up a conversation with the co founder of Cozyglo, Katharine Homfray and my interest quickly piqued once I’d seen the images of a new product that Cozyglo are bringing to market.

cosy glo colonel

After having their daughter in 2014, Katharine and Tom Homfray were disappointed with the nightlights currently available and decided to design their own range of nightlights instead, and Cozyglo was born. The initial range includes three lovely characters that will appeal to both boys and girls of all ages: Colonel Comfort, Papa Penguin and Beatrice the rescue dog. I love all three designs but if I had to choose my favourite, our perfect bedtime buddy would be Papa Penguin, I think he’s just adorable. I know little Rose would be smitten too.

papa penguin

The nightlights have all the features that you would expect including a temperature gauge, clock and beautiful ambient glow. Additionally there are other useful extra functions that I don’t think I’ve seen before such as the stopwatch, dimmer and light alarm. The stopwatch is a really innovative feature and would be helpful to use when sleep training or to time night feeds.

colonel comfort

Cozyglo is still a young company and is using something called crowd funding to help get their product to market.

How does crowd funding for this project work?

If you would like to become part of this crowd funding project you can do so by visiting the Born* website and making your very own pledge. This link will take you directly to Cozyglo’s page. You then enter your pledge amount and select your gift. In this case you would choose from one of the three lights which are at this stage, heavily discounted. There are other promotional items available too and even extra special limited edition nightlights and even an option to personalise the Colonel (amazing!)

When will I be charged?

Your card will only be charged if the project is successful. Meanwhile, a temporary transaction will appear on your statement. All the money will be transferred to the creators of the project once the full amount has been raised. If the full amount isn’t raised, you will never be charged.

I have every faith that Katharine and Tom will exceed their target as the design of these nightlights really speak for themselves. I personally think they will fly off the shelves. In order to secure yours at a bargain price and show your support for this lovely new company then make your pledge today. In the words of Dragons’ Den ‘I’m in!’ are you?

*affiliate link. Post written in collaboration with Cozyglo.

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