Is your family holiday a technology trap?

Picture of using technology on holiday

This week I was asked a question from the people at Center Parcs: “Is your family holiday a technology trap?”

I was given a quiz to take and I must admit I approached with trepidation and a nagging worry that the answer would be a resounding ‘Yes’ and do you know what? I took the quiz and I didn’t like the results one bit, I actually felt quite guilty afterwards.

I work freelance, am never far from my laptop or smartphone and there is a constant need for me to be online throughout my working day. I say ‘day’ but actually my work often continues into the wee hours and I am always ‘plugged in’ to some form of technology. My fear is that by not being constantly available online I will lose work and possibly even readers if I am tardy in my response times.

Center Parcs have produced this interesting infographic and as a parent to teens I am not really shocked at the results.

“Families are taking, on average, six devices away with them on holiday.That’s just one of the surprising insights uncovered in a survey we carried out on device usage.


At a time when 90% of teenagers and 60% of adults own a smartphone, using it for up to two hours each day to browse, shop and share on social media, it’s little surprise that families are struggling to grasp hold of precious quality time together.


Our Google Consumer survey, which quizzed 674 members of the public on their device usage on holiday revealed a number of eyebrow-raising facts.-Center Parcs”

I do realise that it is important to switch off and have a couple of nights a week where I don’t work but what if I was on holiday, could I give up technology completely? Something tells me that whilst it would be hard to let go for that week or two it would do me and my family the world of good.

So the next time we’re away perhaps we’ll just leave our smartphones and other devices at home and enjoy some free-range fun (without notifications!) instead.

Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

How about you, do you find it hard to switch off? Why not take the quiz and to see if your family holiday is trapped in technology. Find out more about Center Parcs by visiting their Facebook page.

*post written in collaboration with Center Parcs

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  • Laura

    Written on 18th September 2015


    I am not a professional blogger I.e. I don’t make a living out of blogging. I have a job, 4 days a week, an interest and ambition in photography, a family, 2 children, I live in London and commute to work etc. I am also from Albania and every year I go on holidays to Albania for at least 2 weeks. We go in the south of Albania which is beatiful and also quite isolated/away from the technology world and addiction of the life in London. This year during those 2 weeks I was cut off my phone, I didn’t have wifi or mobile internet and I was fine . I mean I didn’t miss much, when I connected once a day it was enough. Unfortunately back home in south London, I have wifi, mobile internet and I am pushed to check my phone all the time which I don’t need. The real holidays are without technology for me lovely post!

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 18th September 2015


      I think I have realised that the world wouldn’t come to a standstill if I wasn’t constantly switched on when I am supposed to be away and enjoying myself. I would have to set up a load of auto responds and warn people first though, people on SM might think something dreadful has happened to me if they didn’t hear from me in two hours lol!! Thanks for your thoughts on this x

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