Just take a moment and Let Go

Do you put yourself under pressure?

Do you feel it’s time to appreciate the smaller things in life. Those wonderful ordinary moments that might otherwise pass you by? Moments that will eventually become a collection of memories, of times that all of a sudden become something much more than ordinary.

Then perhaps it’s time to just, let go…

I have blogged a lot about looking back, about the passing of time and how I often lament and feel sad that I didn’t live in the moment a little longer or truly focus on the sheer delight of it all. I use my blog as a memory book, I describe myself as chief memory keeper but do I always live in those moments, or am I too busy trying to be something I am not?

Sanctuary Spa have recently commissioned some research, and I am not at all surprised to learn that women today put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to be perfect. I couldn’t agree more with this; I often take on too much, be it work commitments, gym buddy, mum taxi, school trip helper, cake sale baker. You name it, if someone needs me I will volunteer myself and leave little time for anything else, for just being ‘me’.

This predicament of course results in a huge amount of stress and pressure, an ever-increasing circle of feeling not quite good enough because I’m unable to fulfil all those commitments.


Sanctuary Spa have been working with the amazing expert life strategist Jenni Trent-Hughes and she has devised these four easy ways to let go…

Say what you are grateful for every morning

First thing in the morning, before you say a word to anyone and start planning your day, ask yourself ‘what am I grateful for?’ and whatever it is then say ‘thank you’. It doesn’t need to be anything grand or complicated, it could simply be ‘my family’, ‘my lovely soft skin’ or ‘that the dog didn’t chew my new shoes’.

TT3 (Today’s Top 3 – things that you want to accomplish)

They could be small things, medium things or giant things – but stick to just 3. Write them on a little notepad and cross them off when you’ve done them – don’t put them in your phone, write them on a piece of paper. At the end of the day rip the paper up into little pieces and throw it away. Remember to be reasonable with your TT3; 1. Solve World Hunger. 2. Cure the Common Cold. 3. Learn Mandarin, is just asking for trouble.

TOT (Turn Off Time)

Turn off your phone and or tablet for 30 minutes per day. You can divide the time if you’d like but nothing smaller than ten minutes each time and it must be off. Not on silent. Perhaps choose this for your commute home, when you’re preparing the evening meal or when you’re soaking in the bath. But always off.

Use your commute time as You Time

Read a frivolous book. Crochet a scarf. Look at holiday brochures. Meditate.

Do NOT plan your next work day. Do NOT worry about the kids’ homework.
Do NOT read celebrity gossip stories and worry why you’re not managing like Gwynnie.


They have also made a really beautiful and moving short film featuring some wonderfully wise ladies. Please have a watch, it moved me to tears…

When I look back I want to remember all the really important things and so inspired by the ladies in the video I’ve made my own lists:

Sanctaury_Ads2To Don’t

  • Don’t worry about the pile of ironing
  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure on myself
  • Don’t try and be perfect
  • Don’t worry so much about what people think of me
  • Don’t apologise for being me
  • Don’t wait for the right time, it may never come
  • Don’t let silly things annoy me
  • Don’t try and be right all the time (poor Mr T!)

Sanctaury_AdsTo Do

  • Do switch my phone off when it’s family time
  • Do let my hair down, dance around the kitchen and sing out loud!
  • Do go to the park, run around and be silly
  • Do go to the cinema and eat pic ’n’ mix and popcorn without feeling guilty
  • Do kiss my children and climb into bed with them for a cuddle
  • Do be kind to myself, take some time out just for me to relax, breathe and de-stress
  • Do tell my family I love them every day

So how about you what’s on your list, and how are you going to #LetGo?

*This post is sponsored content for  Sanctuary Spa and their #LetGo campaign

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  • teacuptoria

    Written on 7th September 2015


    Oh I really need this right now Amy. The new school term is here and my mental health has changed overnight from relaxed and happy to stressed and anxious. I feel utterly overwhelmed by the super woman I am supposed to be all the time :( I am not going to the gym at lunch time today as usual, I’m going to go and browse in Waterstones for a lovely book instead to calm me down a bit. Hope you’re ok xxx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 7th September 2015


      oh bless you, it really is the little things in life that deserve the most attention Tor! Hope you have a lovely and relaxed day xx

  • Nicola Lynch

    Written on 8th September 2015


    I really love this. I totally stress way too much of the time. It’s really made me think and I’m going to take note. Thanks for sharing :-)

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