Kids rule, ok? Cooking with the kids

Picture of kid dancing on the top of Ikea kitchen worktop!

How often do you let your kids into the kitchen? I used to be a bit of a clean freak before I had children, but then I realised that resistance is futile! Once I learnt to relax and embrace the mess, I found that cooking with the kids is so much fun and it’s an activity that they love to get involved in. It can also really help fussy eaters if they help to prepare the food they are about to eat. Try it, it works!

I am a firm believer in kids being able to make at least 5 simple dishes by the time they leave home. Goodness knows I don’t want them eating cold baked beans out of a tin when they get to university (does anyone really do that?) Introducing our kids to the kitchen at a young age, is not only a great way to spend time with them but amazing at teaching them a few basic life skills.

But there are so many rules!

”Don’t touch that, it’s hot” and ”You must follow the recipe” these are things I am sure we’ve all said.

A kitchen really shouldn’t be a room full of dos and don’ts though should it? It is, after all the heart of every home. A place to congregate, to create and explore. To enjoy and have fun.

Rose with choc spread

Toddler with stolen chocolate all over her face!

Just don’t whatever you do, turn your back on them!

A recent report from IKEA found that almost half of all parents lacked time to play with their children. The report also suggests that children were lacking in basic kitchen knowledge and that they weren’t being allowed to practice these skills, because parents fear the mess and stress that can come from letting their kids into the kitchen.

  • As many as two of three parents believe it is important to involve their children in the kitchen.
  • As many as nine in ten parents say they already involve their kids in the activities around food.
  • Kids are however mostly helping out with clearing plates and doing other things connected to cleaning. In other words, just the boring bits…

I think it’s time we all lightened up and made our kitchens the funnest room in the house!

See the “Cooking with Parents 5 Rules” video here

What did you think of the video, do you agree with the cooking with kids rules? I’d love to know if you do much cooking with your kids. Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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