Linea at House of Fraser copper frying pan review

Linea at House of Fraser copper frying pan

Before I had children and did proper ‘adulty’ stuff I would look forward to buying frivolous things for myself. Now the older I get the more excited I am by a new vacuum cleaner, washing line or pots and pans for the kitchen! Such are the things that make me happy…

I love being in the kitchen, it is very much my domain and I find it cooking really therapeutic. I bake weekly and prepare a meal for my family, from scratch every day. Over the years I’ve collected good pots and pans, having a quality frying pan or heavy based saucepan is important and you really can tell the difference when you use decent cookware.

Linea at House of Fraser copper frying pan

A couple of weeks ago I was sent a copper frying pan* to test out. I’ve never actually bought a copper pan for myself but have had my eye on them for quite a while. I’d actually like a whole set because not only are they brilliant to cook with they are very aesthetically pleasing too!

The copper pan from Linea at House of Fraser is a professional grade Tri-ply frying pan that distributes heat evenly with no hot spots. It has a non-stick coating and a stainless steel lid so is perfect for a variety of uses. Thus far I’ve fried sirloin steaks in mine which were delicious and cooked to perfection, used it to cook up a load of bacon sandwiches for the builders and whipped up a chicken curry by frying off the chicken adding some coconut milk and spices and popping the lid on to simmer.

dinner party with copper frying pan

I’ve really enjoyed using the copper pan and it also looks rather lovely popped onto the dining table to serve from when we have guests over for dinner. There are lots of pots and pans on the House of Fraser site, do check out the stylish copper ones as they are brilliant value for money and will last a lifetime!

*PR sample

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  • Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

    Written on 7th June 2016


    Oh blimey — I’m exactly the same!! I was doing cartwheels the other day because I *finally* got a new vacuum cleaner after 18 years!!! These look fab pet — I love copper!! I don’t do the cooking in our house but I bet they’d turn me into Nigella, instantly! ;) xx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 7th June 2016


      Well if marmite spaghetti isn’t cooking I don’t know what is darling. You have reached Nigella status already. Seriously I think I can ONLY use copper pans going forward ;-) xx

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