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Rocco clothing occasion dress


I haven’t written one of these catch-up posts for ages so I thought I’d let you know what’s going on with us lately. As you know we moved into our forever home almost two years ago. Since we moved in we’ve done quite a bit of work to the outside of the house which has made the garden usable. Justin has decided that he wants to move the gas bottles (we have no mains gas here!) down to the bottom of the steps to save him lugging them up to the house, so, he dug a massive trench for all the pipes to run down and underneath the steps. This is so MAMMOTH and it is such a mess outside again <weeps> The gas man is here as I type and he’s currently laying the pipe so fingers crossed it will be filled back in and tidied up very soon.

Trench for gas pipe

We’ve almost finished the upstairs! My bedroom suite is looking lovely and the children’s rooms are almost complete. The middle bathroom is well underway, Justin has finished tiling it and we’re now just waiting for the sink to arrive and for the toilet to plumbed in. We need to get carpets and give it a final lick of paint and I will then be able to say the upstairs is finished, which will be such a relief.

kitchen diner before

The biggest and most expensive job is the kitchen diner and work has started on that too (it’s all go here). We bought our kitchen in the January sales and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s gloss white units with white granite and a fancy black granite island which will be a real centerpiece. The ceilings have come down and the floor has come up and we’re just waiting for the electrician to finish so that the plasterer can do the walls and then the floor that we bought two years ago will go down. I honestly can’t wait for it all to be done because I love baking and cooking so much but at the moment it’s really difficult because the kitchen is always such a mess. I’d love to hear from you if you have glass splashbacks instead of tiles in your kitchen. I really want it but have heard that getting the plug sockets cut into the splashbacks is super expensive. If anyone reading has had this done please tweet me a pic so I can see what yours looks like!


We went to our friend’s wedding a couple of weekends ago, it was so nice to get all dressed up and we were blessed with the most amazing weather. I feel like a completely new person when spring has sprung. I managed to get some pictures of Rose in her dress which is from Rocco Clothing. I love all their occasion dresses, isn’t this one stunning? She looked like a princess and kept swishing it around all day. I thought she looked a bit like a little flower fairy when I was taking the pics of her in the garden, the light was just perfect and it made me so excited for getting my big camera back out ready for summer.

Dress from Rocco Clothing

Last weekend the girls and I went to Poole in Dorset on a Literacy Legacy adventure. We drove down to Sandbanks which is an absolutely stunning place with lots of posh houses and then stayed in a hotel overnight. The following day we visited Corfe Castle and then took the steam train down to the coast. It was a real treat spending time just me and the girls I am so proud of them both. More about that on the blog soon.

Mum and two daughters

If you follow my Instagram you will know all about the newest member of the family: Angus the border terrier puppy. He is absolutely gorgeous even if he is very naughty and like an actual escape artist. We start puppy school tomorrow so here’s hoping I can work on my recall and he will start coming back to me when I shout his name!

With any luck, next time I write one of these I’ll be posting a picture of my brand new finished kitchen and dining room. It’s been a long time coming…

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  • Donna

    Written on 28th March 2017


    Oh I love a good update and you weren’t joking about your house were you?! It will be amazing when it’s done! Your puppy is just the cutest! x

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 28th March 2017


      Ah thanks for reading lovely, feel like I haven’t had a catch-up post in so long! No I wasn’t it is horrendous, I just keep thinking of the end result and how lovely it will be when all the work is done x

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