Little Butterfly London review

Recently a company called Little Butterfly London got in touch and asked if we’d like to sample some body products from the range. It’s not a company I’m familiar with but when I found out they are organic and read the list of lovely natural ingredients I immediately agreed. I also heard that none other than Pippa Middleton was seen stocking up on products and so just had to try them on my princess!

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Rose is prone to sensitive skin and so I have to be very careful what I use on her. As well as being organic, Little Butterfly London products are free from mineral oil (a real nasty), paraffin, parabens, SLS, silicones and artificial fragrances.

One thing that stands out for me and something I always check ingredients for is the presence of mineral oil. I wouldn’t dream of putting a moisturiser containing mineral oil on my face and so would definitely not consider using a baby product with mineral oil in it. Mineral oil creates the sort of barrier that can cause eczema and nappy rash and so is a no-no. On a side note if you have problems with your skin or adult acne it’s worth checking your moisturiser for mineral oil and considering changing it.

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On to the products;

Soft as Moonlight nappy change cream

I tend to always use nappy cream on Rose. She doesn’t suffer badly with nappy rash unless she’s teething but I see it as a preventative measure. This is exactly what you want from a nappy cream, it’s thick but rubs in easily and a little goes a ling way. Rose is a bonnie girlie and she needs a bit of moisturising in the creases where her nappy is. This nappy cream does a brilliant job of preventing any chaffing and keeping her skin nice and soft.

Dewdrops at Dawn body lotion

This is oh so gorgeous, it smells divine I was almost tempted to use it on myself. Ok, I’ll admit I have used it on myself, Rose and I are sharing it! I have used a lot of body lotion in my time and I’m pretty sure if I was blind testing this against others I would be able to pick it out immediately for being superb quality. It’s light but moisturising, sinks in wonderfully leaves no sticky residue and did I mention the smell is amazing? So light and soft but completely addictive.

I have been massaging Rose after her bath since she was a tiny baby (she loves having her legs done, bless her!) and this body lotion is perfect for baby massage. An absolute joy to use.

This is a luxury brand with excellent ingredients. There has been no compromise on quality of ingredients or packaging and the way products are presented, even down to the wonderfully dreamy and descriptive names. Floating on Clouds bath milk is now at the top of my wishlist and I will most definitely buy Little Butterfly London in the future.

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