#LittleFierceOnes round-up: Week eleven

Hi everyone and welcome back to another round-up of the #LittleFierceOnes community created by myself and the lovely Aby.

#LittleFierceOnes embodies all the wonderful and carefree qualities of childhood. The snaps that show our children’s spirit, their boldness, their zest for life and ongoing quests for adventure. It is really easy to join in and can be interpreted in any way you wish; show us how your children are little but totally fierce.

shakespeare quote, and though she be but little, she is fierce.

You have been busy hashtagging your pics this week and our community is growing by the day, we are so delighted that more and more people are continuing to join in with us.

My favourite images @mrandmrstplus3

I’ve had another crazy week and still trying to catch up with work, I did manage to get out and about and papped this one of Rose in her Christmas present: a life-sized Mini cooper. I say papped as she was ‘driving’ whilst chatting away on her Peppa Pig mobile whilst acting the diva, as you do…

Continuing on in the diva theme and here is Rose pinching my limelight and totally photo bombing my shoot for a style post I was working on…

My favourite from @youbabymemummy

I just had to feature this pic of Baby at her ballet class, it is the cutest thing ever. I really should get Rose back to baby ballet pronto, if only for the gorgeousness of the tutus and nothing else!

My featured images from the community


One of the things I am loving the most about this hashtag is that it is reaching people far and wide. We wanted this to be a community for everyone, not just bloggers. To see professional photographers joining in as far as Kanzas city, well it makes me want to click my sparkly red heels together! Adore this photograph from a baby photoshoot it is just amazing.

The peaceful moments with a newborn can be fleeting, but there’s nothing sweeter. 

A photo posted by lavenderandlime (@lavenderandlime) on


Oh the sleepy ones are some of the best aren’t they? I don’t think Becky could have a better username to go alongside this pic as it reminds me of a princess that has fallen asleep in a fairytale. Just beautiful.


I really love everything about this shot, the sunset, the reflection on the water. It’s just perfect.

Sunset walk by the ice covered aquadrome 

A photo posted by L a U r A (@_thehubpats_) on

Thanks again everyone for joining in keep hashtagging your pics #LittleFierceOnes we are loving seeing them and so proud of this growing community!

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