#LittleFierceOnes round-up: Week nine

Hi everyone and welcome back to another round-up of the #LittleFierceOnes community created by myself and the lovely Aby.

#LittleFierceOnes embodies all the wonderful and carefree qualities of childhood. The snaps that show our children’s spirit, their boldness, their zest for life and ongoing quests for adventure. It is really easy to join in and can be interpreted in any way you wish; show us how your children are little but totally fierce.

shakespeare quote, and though she be but little, she is fierce.

Aby and I were chatting yesterday and we have both said it is so hard narrowing down our choices and choosing images to feature each week. They are all so amazing and we’re really grateful that you guys have built this amazing community to what it is, thank you.

My favourite images @mrandmrstplus3

I’ve been going through the images of Rose that were taken when she was just 3 days old. Gosh it’s making me realise just how big she’s getting now. Love this one of her in the funny little hat, she looks very thoughtful.

We regularly go out for forest walks I find the environment, the trees, changing colours and so on make the perfect backdrop for photographs. This is one of Rose who stood transfixed looking at the path stretching in front of her and the eerie fogginess of what lay ahead!

Lastly, Rose and I, walking hand in hand and having a little chat. These are the moments I will treasure forever.

My favourite from @youbabymemummy

Another really hard choice as Aby’s pictures are always wonderful. I love the way Aby captures the relationship between Baby and the ponies so have chosen this one, such precious and beautiful moment.

My featured images from the community


I am blown away by this amazing shot and love everything about it, the composition of the tunnel, the amazing backdrop, the man playing the trombone AND the little girl stood transfixed this photograph has all the elements that make up utter perfection!

One of my favorite photos of #lilStrange in Central Park #littlefierceones

A photo posted by lilStrange (@misslilstrange) on


Completely gorgeous image of Annie taken at the beach. Her eyes look so blue and I think her expression is great.


Ali’s photographs have captivated me this week. I just adore this image of her boys; I have a large age gap too and understand the pride you feel when you watch a different kind of relationship unfold between siblings.

Thanks again everyone for joining in keep hashtagging your pics #LittleFierceOnes we are loving seeing them and so proud of this growing community!

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