#LittleFierceOnes round up-week one

A collection of my favourite pictures from week one of the #LittleFierceOnes community project

It’s time for the very first round up of a new project Aby and I have been working on. #LittleFierceOnes is an Instagram community that we have created to show off pictures of our Little Fierce Ones.

#LittleFierceOnes embodies all the wonderful and carefree qualities of childhood. Snaps that show our children’s spirit, their boldness, their zest for life and quest for fun adventures. It is easy to join in and can be interpreted in any way you wish; show us how your children are little but totally fierce.

shakespeare quote, and though she be but little, she is fierce.

As Instagram is my favourite place on the web, I can’t tell you how delighted I am when I click on our hashtag and see you all joining in! I know Aby feels the same too. There are currently 151 images using under the #LittleFierceOnes which is incredible after only one week. Thanks so, so much for joining in and helping to build a lovely Instagram community.

Who else has found it a bit hard taking pics this week? I know I have, especially since we didn’t go out at all at the weekend and the light is just so dreary. I did manage to get a couple of snaps on Monday which is good because it keeps me accountable for all my photography projects, including this one. We want to keep #LittleFierceOnes going and think you’re all fab for getting such amazing images of your children despite the windy and grey weather.

My favourite three (@mrandmrstplus3)

The first picture is actually our friend’s daughter. I was photographing a wedding for another of our friends and this lovely girl kept Rose entertained for the entire day. She has two sisters and they are all equally fierce and full of spirit. She was having a moment of quiet here but they mostly spent the day racing around the dancefloor, as you do at weddings. The second is Rose on the family pony Lily we are so lucky that she is able to have the luxury of riding as both Mr T and I did as children (and adults!) and I am really glad she enjoys it. My last pick is my favourite from this week and sums up Rose perfectly, she is such a cheeky monkey and this is her camera face of choice at the moment. Not always the best when you need the perfect shot for a blog post and all you get is this big cheesy grin!

Picture of girl sitting in front of disco lights

Little girl riding a shetland pony

Little girl with a very cheeky grin!

My favourite from Aby- You Baby Me Mummy (@youbabymemummy)

I just adore this shot of Baby, I really admire Aby for being able to capture her daughter in the middle of such a loving and tender moment.

Little girl with a pony

My featured images

Originally we intended to highlight one image each from the community but there were just too many to choose from so we have decided to feature three each and narrowing that down between us was seriously hard. You have all captured your #LittleFierceOnes beautifully. Here are my favourites:

Alexandra from I’m Every Mum with her ‘Let kids be kids’ university photography project (@let_kids_be_kids)

I have watched Alexandra’s photography get stronger and stronger. I love that she is conveying a message as well as what is visual art powerful black and white. This particular capture immediately made me think of the painting ‘girl with a pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. I think it’s absolutely stunning.

black and white studio portrait

Colette from We’re going on an Adventure (goingonanadventureblog)

I really enjoy Colette’s Instagram and loved this shot of her beautiful daughter Amy-what an amazing name! ;-) Her outfit is just gorgeous and I love that she has her hands over her ears playfully. I can tell what a cute bubbly little thing Amy is just by her photographs and think Colette captures her spirit really well!

Little girl in a gorgeous and trendy outfit

Jasmine from Mummy and her Mini  (@mummyandhermini)

This picture just pretty much sums up the hashtag in one! It is such a wonderfully candid shot and I love mama and daughter were out to lunch, hanging out together when this was taken. Jasmine’s Instagram is completely stunning and this is one of the reasons I am loving this community: finding great photographers (and blogs) to follow.

Fierce Little One out for dinner with her mama!

Thanks again everyone for joining in. Keep hashtagging your pics #LittleFierceOnes we are loving seeing them so much!


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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 18th November 2015


    Love your picks huni and your chosen pictures are awesome! My pic is actually an iphone pic, so it is more instant than usual! ;) Love this project xxxx

  • Nicky Kentisbeer

    Written on 18th November 2015


    This is beautiful. Seeing all of these pictures reminds me that I need to get myself on to Instagram. Such a lovely place to share. Great photography. Instagram is something I need to put on my list. Nicky x

  • Jasmine

    Written on 18th November 2015


    Ahh love it!! Thank you! It is such a great great way of finding super Instagram accounts!
    Thank you lovely xxx

  • Emma T

    Written on 23rd November 2015


    I really must remember to tag some of mine – just keep forgetting when I’m doing it, but remember before doing the next photo.

    Lovely photos – that one from Alexandra is beautiful

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