#LittleFierceOnes round-up: week six

#littlefierceones week 6 round up

It’s time for the sixth round up of #LittleFierceOnes the Instagram community that Aby and I created to show off pictures of all our Little Fierce Ones.

#LittleFierceOnes embodies all the wonderful and carefree qualities of childhood. The snaps that show our children’s spirit, their boldness, their zest for life and quest for adventure. It is really easy to join in and can be interpreted in any way you wish; show us how your children are little but totally fierce.

shakespeare quote, and though she be but little, she is fierce.

We’ve had so many posts to look through again this week, thank you for joining in with us it’s really lovely to see. It does get very hard to choose favourites though because all your images are so fierce!

Even though it’s been raining where we live, we have managed to get out and about which has been really nice. I’ve been loving all your festive shots and the uploads seem to be coming in thick and fast thanks to the school holidays.
On with this week’s round-up…

My own favourites from this week @mrandmrstplus3


My favourite from @youbabymemummy

I found it so hard to pick just one from Aby this week I went for Baby dressed as an elf because she looks so adorable and that is a seriously good costume, I wish I could get Rose to dress up like this!


This is a lovely shot, I adore the expression on her face she looks so happy, bless her.


As soon as this showed up in the feed I knew I wanted to feature it. This just embodies #LittleFierceOnes such a cute and cheeky shot if you’ll pardon the pun ;-)


This is such a beautiful moment to capture, when I read the description I can see why Colette shed a tear over this tender gesture.

Thanks again everyone for joining in keep hashtagging your pics #LittleFierceOnes Aby and I are loving them!

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