Living arrows and the 52 project 3/52

Time to link up with ‘living arrows’ hosted by Hayley at Shutterflies, a photograph that encapsulates the beauty and magic of childhood and the ’52 project’ hosted by Jodi at Practising Simplicity, a weekly portrait of our children.

This sweet lovely girl. You hardly ever let me take your photograph Holly, so this is a rare treat. I had to share it here. You borrow my (expensive) shampoo, use my make up and leave towels and discarded items in your wake! But I don’t really mind. You are one of the most laid-back gorgeous people I know, beautiful inside and out. I take pleasure in telling people I made you and you’re all mine. I want to squeeze you and never let you go. When did you get so grown up, so wise beyond your young years? It only seems like yesterday that I would find your hot body nestled against my back after you would sneak into my bed at night. Please always be my best friend and let me be the one you turn to for advice. I love you so much.



Living Arrows

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