Living Arrows|Practising Simplicity {Monday 25th May}

This is the family pony Lilly, she belongs to Justin’s Mum who keeps ponies and horses. Lilly is the sweetest most placid pony I’ve ever met! All of the Treasure children love her and she is happy to be led round and round the field. She’s always patient and quiet, even with the little ones.

I miss my horses, especially my sweet Shetlands but this is the next best thing. We are so lucky that Rose gets to enjoy riding just as we did when we were growing up. Recently Rose has started getting super excited to have a go on Lilly and she is a natural-very at ease. I think we might have a little rider on our hands!

Practising Simplicty 

Living Arrows


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  • Emma T

    Written on 25th May 2015


    Aw that’s lovely.

    My sister in law has an ancient shetland called Toastie. All 4 of her kids learnt to ride on it, and I think N would like to have a go, although the pony’s a bit too old now. I’m not sure I want him that interested unless he goes down to theirs and rides.

  • Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    Written on 26th May 2015


    Awww Rose, this is very cute of you. I desperately want to get a pony for our four but with us making a decision to send Judah and Eden to private school it’s not going to happen. Hopefully they can make friends with someone who has one haha #livingarrows

  • Amber

    Written on 29th May 2015


    Eek – a future competitor against the twins in the Shetland Grand National?! See you at Olympia!

    This picture made me smile and squeal – it’s so cute! Riding is such a great hobby for children; not only is it tremendously physical but it’s also great for teaching empathy. I can’t wait to buy the twins a wee shettie of their own.

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