Longleat Safari Park

In the knowledge that the weather was going to be beautiful last Sunday we headed off to Longleat Safari Park armed with a picnic and sun cream! We had the most wonderful, sunny, fun day out.

Longleat has so much to offer so you definitely get your money’s worth. There’s plenty to see and do and keep you and your little ones entertained. In fact we had so much fun going around the Safari Park and other attractions we didn’t leave enough time to go on the boat to Gorilla Island or go exploring in the house.

The drive around the Safari park was fantastic, the grounds are enormous and house over 100 species of animals! We spent quite a while just watching the monkeys because they’re so cute and playful there were little baby ones playing around with each other. They are definitely very mischievous though because one ended up on the roof of our car, much to Rose’s delight and amazement! Our other favourite part was the deer, you can buy a cup of deer feed for £1 and open up your windows and the deer come right over and eat it straight from your hand. Rose’s face was an absolute picture and it was thrilling for her to be able to see the animals in such close proximity.

I think one of the nicest things about Longleat is that the animals have plenty of space and natural habitat, I didn’t get that guilty feeling that I often get when visiting the zoo and seeing the animals in an area too small for them.

Next we parked up, got the picnic blanket out and sat on the grass for our picnic then headed off into the Adventure Park. The first thing we came across was a parrot show, I managed to snap a picture of one of the parrots riding on a scooter, it was so funny. They also rode on roller skates and played basketball. Very clever indeed.

Our absolute favourite part of the whole day were the Lorikeets. When you go into the enclosure you are asked if you want to buy a small cup of feed for £1. We were told that the birds would come to us to feed from it, and my goodness were those birds attracted to Justin, they quite literally flocked to him as soon as we opened the gate to walk in. It was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing, poor Rose was completely bemused by the whole thing but Justin and I were absolutely enthralled with the little birds landing all over us! We went back and bought loads more cups because it was so fun, what an experience.

The penguins were next on our journey, there’s a bit where you could actually walk with the penguins and take a picture right next to them. We didn’t do it as Rose was a bit wary of them for some reason, even though one was quite taken with her when we went inside to see them swimming around.

Outside the penguins was a pool full of stingrays. You could get close enough to touch them. They felt quite strange, a bit like sand paper, but they were so gentle it was lovely not to have to look at them through a sheet of glass.

A quick stop off at Postman Pat village which is a really cute little village that you can look around at all the houses. It had a shop, a railway and a church and all the characters moved when you pressed a button. I can imagine with the new film coming out it will become even more popular with visiting little ones.

Of course, an ice cream finished off the day perfectly. If you get the chance or have been thinking of going to Longleat you should definitely do it. I can’t wait to go back, I would love to go for a short break sometime and stay in one of the Safari Cottages you could easily fill a couple of days with everything Longleat has to offer.

*I’m not being paid to write this review, I just thought it was absolutely brilliant and wanted to share it with you guys. All thoughts are 100% my own.


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