How to make a spring flower crown

A little girl in a handmade beautiful flower crown made from fresh flowers

Flower crowns, I am a little obsessed by them. I so want to be that whimsy creature that floats about the woods, frequenting festivals barefoot, truly I do! However, I realise this is not practical most of the time. I actually have a Pinterest board dedicated just to flower crowns because that’s how much I love them. While it may not be entirely reasonable for me to don one whilst floating down the aisles of the supermarket, in my eyes it’s perfectly OK to dress Rose up like the little pixie she is and let her prance around looking like a beautiful and summery 70s love child.

A little girl in a handmade beautiful flower crown made from fresh flowers

I will at some point when the sun makes a firm appearance be making one of these for myself and Holly because they are so easy to do and really are quite effective too. I feel that wearing a flower crown is far more achievable when pairing it with a floaty dress and the air is balmy rather than the current climate so the big girl crowns will have to wait, for now.

Step-by-step how to make a flower crown

You will need:

Step one

Measure around the person’s head who you are making a the flower crown for. Cut your paper covered wire to a little longer than your measurement and then use the extra to wrap the wire around itself to make a secure circle. Then take a second length of wire and wrap it around the first circle to make it stronger and thicker.

paper covered craft wire to make a flower crown

Double wrapped paper covered craft wire for making a flower crown

Step two

Next have a look at your flowers and decide where you want to put them on the crown. Some crowns look nice symmetrical, others really work beautifully as asymmetric, especially for something like a bride with hair to the side in a bun – I have an example of this on my Pinterest board and it is a stunning look.

A selection of spring flowers for a flower crown

Step three

Start by placing the first stem against the circle of wire and then simply wrap around a small amount of florist’s tape to secure it in place and ensure no pointy bits stick out. Work your way around the circle until you are happy with the way it looks.

How to make a flower crown step by step

I originally intended to finish Rose’s crown with the main emphasis on the heather I put in there with the other foliage, but once I’d had a look at it I thought it looked a bit empty at the front and so I added the yellow rose and other smaller flowers in, building it up to a bigger crown.

Little girl wearing a flower crown made from yellow daisies and heather

A finished flower crown made with a spring collection

Rose was absolutely delighted with it and had a wonderful time dressing up pretending to be a princess, she wouldn’t leave the house for nursery the following day without it and all the girls at nursery, were amazed it was homemade! It did wilt by the end of the second day though so be sure to keep it in the fridge if you are making one for a special occasion as they won’t last long.

A beautiful flower crown made from fresh flowers

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and will definitely be making more, I always have fresh flowers in the house which makes this a really inexpensive craft for me to do now that I have the florist’s wire and tape. What do you think, would you wear a flower crown or are they too hippyish for you?

Pin this to your crafts to-do board!

A tutorial of how to make a beautiful flower crown from fresh flowers in just three easy steps. Photographs and how-to guide for you to follow.

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Written on 20th March 2016


    Ooh that’s just beautiful. You’d love my friend Mel’s work, she’s a photographer who does loads with seasonal crowns. I’ll send you a link sometime. I look forward to seeing the grown-up versions too!


  • AmyLovestoSew

    Written on 25th March 2016


    Oh how lovely, going to have to try this. Glad I’m not alone in my desire to be able to wear flower crowns, they are so pretty but the occasion never calls for it…one day! In the mean-time, I can dress my daughter up (also very pixie-like to my mind) when she is a bit bigger.

  • Sara at Handy Herbs

    Written on 25th March 2016


    I love this idea, Amy and Rose looks beautiful wearing hers. I think I would be more than happy to wear one once the weather improves – I kind of like all things hippyish :) #TheList

  • Emma

    Written on 25th March 2016


    I would love to be able to rock a flower crown on the school run, they are just beautiful. A really nice idea for the girls and like you say it would be lovely to make one for summer or even a summer wedding/party #thelist

  • Laura Edwards

    Written on 28th March 2016


    These are lovely x I was supposed to take my eldest to an event at our local park where they were making these but we couldn’t go due to horrid colds! But we could do them at home now xx #TheList

  • Sian - The Mama Story

    Written on 30th March 2016


    This is gorgeous! I wore flower crowns on my honeymoon in the South Pacific – they made me feel so glamorous. I bought some faux flowers to make a crown for Easter but didn’t get round to it so that’s a job before mid summer!

  • Hannah G

    Written on 30th March 2016


    Oh my goodness, Rose looks simply adorable! Definitely need to give this a go for my toddler. Thank you for sharing this fab idea, and for hosting #TheList x

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