Making bath time fun with JOHNSON’S bubble baby bath & wash

As you know I am a mum of two teenagers and a toddler. Before Rose came along I was a bit spoiled with sleep (is that even possible?) Teenagers, well, they love their beds and hate getting up in the mornings. If it weren’t for school they would happily languish in their rooms until noon. They go to bed at 10pm and I don’t hear a peep out of them until morning. Rose, however, is a different story and can be a complete nightmare, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Something that really works for us though, is a proper bedtime routine of bath, story, quiet time and into bed. We tend to start off this routine fairly early on in the evening so that Rose still gets a chance to play and have fun at bath time. I absolutely think bath time should be an enjoyable time and it’s one of my favourite parts of the day. However, getting Rose to stop what she’s doing and put her into the bath can be a problem, running a bath with plenty of bubbles and the promise of fun games and stories seems to solve that.

JOHNSON’S baby bath and wash bubble monsters

The brand new limited edition JOHNSON’S® baby bath & wash features cheeky monsters which all adds to the excitement of bath time. It’s been specifically designed to make gentle bubbles and just a small amount under a warm running tap makes oodles of them. It gently cleanses delicate skin without drying it out and there are never any tears thanks to the NO MORE TEARS® formulation.

When JOHNSON’S® Bubble Baby Bath & Wash comes into contact with warm running bath water something magical happens – the Bubble Monsters ‘appear’!

JOHNSON’S baby bath and wash bubble monsters

The Bubble Monsters are four special friends, each with their own personality, but something they all love is playing in a bubbly bubble bath. Look for them next time you have a bubble bath.

  • Splashy Sammy
  • Gentle George
  • Messy Meggy
  • Bubbly Bo

We’ve been trying out the JOHNSON’S® baby bath & wash, telling Rose the stories of all the different monsters and giving her a chance to recreate her favourite character’s story. She particularly liked Bubbly Bo the cheeky bubble monster who loves to splash and play in the bubbles. As you can see in the vlog above, we had loads of fun grabbing handfuls of fluffy bubbles and making bubble beards for each other. Rose also liked lying down in the bubbles and having her hair washed, whilst making ‘bubble angels’ with her arms.

JOHNSON’S baby bath and wash bubble monsters

We loved making bath time fun with the JOHNSON’S® baby bath & wash, it has a deliciously fruity scent and left Rose’s skin soft, smelling gorgeous, and squeaky clean. You can always trust that there will never be any tears when using the JOHNSON’S products and that’s why they have always been a firm favourite here.

A nice warm bath with plenty of bubbles and all your favourite bubble monsters, what’s not to love?!

*This is a commissioned post

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