Maped Helix review and giveaway

We were recently sent a really lovely stationery bundle from Maped Helix. I think the children have inherited my love for stationery as I haven’t seen them all quite so excited over a parcel in a long time. It was sweet to see them huddled around ready to claim their bounty!

Maped Helix were super generous and sent us out a wonderful selection. The Helix Oxford set of Mathematical Instruments was immediately claimed by Holly and takes me back to my own school days with all the items that I had such as various protractors, compass, rubber and sharpener presented in a silver tin, old school style. Most useful to Holly who is just about to start her GCSEs and needs all these tools for her coursework.

maths set

Lewis takes art for GCSE he was more than happy to receive some new watercolour pencils, a mechanical pencil and rubber. He has already started to decorate the back of one of his folders with them. That boy is so talented I have no idea where he gets it from because it’s certainly not me!

As you can see from the photographs Rose absolutely adored playing with her new smoothy gel crayons, they’re so easy for her little hands to hold and are wonderfully pigmented and easy to use. I found myself doing some colouring with her and found it totally therapeutic. The crayons have such a lovely texture and just glide across the paper.

maped helix crayons 2 maped helix crayons

I love it when the kids sit down and do arts and crafts together, although the older ones are probably too old for felt tip pens and colouring in, they really enjoyed spending an afternoon lying on the floor in the playroom and showing Rose how to draw some pretty pictures. They are now proudly displayed on the front of the fridge and when Rose sees them she says ‘my pen’.

The felt tip pens are a brilliant innovative design with the lids all attached to a dome shape that displays all the pens and makes it impossible to lose lids or worse for Rose to try and eat them! Big thumbs up for that.

Maped helix felt tip pens

Something I haven’t seen before and was very impressed with is the Kidy’Board, it’s a transparent perspex board that comes with a black marker pen. There are sheets included that you slide underneath (more are available to download and print off from the Maped Helix website) and children can practice drawing shapes, writing letters and numbers and then you can wipe it clean and start all over again. I’m saving this one for when Rose is old enough to give it a go as it will make such a great learning tool for her.

In honour of my blog’s one year anniversary I have another giveaway for you today with a huge bundle from Maped Helix for one lucky reader. The brilliant prize bundle includes(pictured below):

  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Ball point pen 4 colour
  • Kidy’Board
  • Jungle Innovation felt pens
  • Color’Peps Smoothly crayons
  • Eraser
  • Custom ruler

Maped helix prize bundle

To win this super prize enter on the rafflecopter below. UK entrants only please. Maped Helix are responsible for sending out the prize to the winner. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was gifted all the items above by Maped Helix for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are as always my own.

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