Maternity myths and memories with George at Asda

You’re pregnant, congratulations! This is indeed one of the happiest and most exciting times you will ever experience. It can also be scary, particularly when expecting your first baby, it takes some getting used to. Once you’ve made the happy announcement you can guarantee you will get offered lots of helpful (and perhaps not so!) advice.

Rose asleep

Rose aged 3 days

There seems to be quite a few myths that go along with being pregnant especially those trying to guess the sex of the baby. I’ve been asked by George at Asda to share my maternity memories so I’ve compiled a list of just a few things that I read or was told throughout my three pregnancies:

  • Swinging a wedding ring on a piece of string over your tummy can determine the sex of baby: it will swing in circles for a girl and back and forth for a boy, or is it the other way around?!
  • Well, it worked for Lewis and Rose, so two out of three ain’t bad? 
  • Another one to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl. If you carry all out front then it’s a boy, if you can see from behind that you’re pregnant it’s a girl. In other words a fat bum and carrying extra weight on the hips, it’s a girl.
  • I pretty much carried mine, all the same way, I don’t think my baby bumps looked any different at all, I just looked pregnant! 
  • Don’t sleep on your right side or on your back!
  • There is an element of truth to this. A small study has shown that it is safer to sleep on your left side when pregnant although ”A forceful campaign urging pregnant women to sleep on their left side is not yet warranted”-NHS 
  • If you suffer badly with heartburn, your baby will have lots of hair.
  • Nope, suffered badly with all three and ended up with one bald baby, one with hardly any, and one with lots of hair! 
  • Pregnant women can’t be fashionable.
  • I beg to differ! One of the things I loved the most about being pregnant was the excitement of having a whole new wardrobe. It’s definitely worth while investing in a few good quality, comfortable pieces as your bump grows. You will probably find yourself wearing these clothes for a couple of months after baby, is born too (well I did!) so treat yourself, you can still be totally fabulous even when pregnant.
  • If your own hair grows quickly and is thick throughout pregnancy you are having a girl if you don’t notice any difference in hair growth you will have a boy.
  • Yes! I found this to be spot on. My hair practically fell out when I was pregnant with Lewis (my first) but when pregnant with the two girls, I had such thick hair it was wonderful, it has stayed nice and thick too, hooray!
  • You shouldn’t exercise when pregnant. I actually got told this by a much older lady who I am guessing must have been given the same advice 50 years ago. I had just come out of an aqua aerobics class and was heading to yoga and she said that exercise is dangerous when pregnant, she also told me under no circumstances should I use a paint roller when pregnant?! I just smiled politely and promised her I’d take it easy.
  • Now, I’m not suggesting you go to a full-on spin class or anything, although I have seen this. But, exercise is absolutely fine when you’re pregnant (talk to your midwife or GP first) in fact, it will help you to endure labour and make it easier for you. I was so active throughout my third pregnancy and had the quickest and easiest labour of the three. Considering labour is something like the equivalent of running two marathons back to back I’d keep up your gym membership as long as you can manage! Getting out the paint roller though, I should get your partner to do that one. Just in case ;-) 
  • On a final note, pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, swelling, dizziness and even shoulder tip pain can all be signs of pre-eclampsia or ectopic pregnancy. Please seek medical advice if you notice anything out of the ordinary, it’s always best to check so you can be reassured.

My advice is this: take everything you read and hear with a pinch of salt. You will definitely be on the receiving end of many an old wives tales and well-meaning advice but the best thing you can do is speak to your Dr or midwife if you’re concerned about anything and other than that try and enjoy it.

How about you, do you have any myths to add to my list? Do leave me a comment or join the conversation on Twitter using #maternitymemories

*this is a collaborative post

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  • Mrs Tubbs

    Written on 15th January 2016


    I remember trying to find out what foods I should avoid and being told different things each time. In the end I downloaded a list from somewhere and stuck with that. Then, when my friend was pregnant a few years later the advice had changed again!

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