Memories from our wedding day

On our wedding day

In December Mr T and I will have been married for 10 years! Wow just saying it feels like such a massive achievement and yet it really does only seem like yesterday that I was walking down the aisle to marry the man of dreams.

I’m not going to go all slushy on you but I can honestly say I love him even more now than I ever have and it’s lovely to look back on our wedding day and remember how it all felt at the time.

I think my favourite memory from the day was the feeling of anticipation and excitement in the morning. My sister and girlfriends came over to get ready and when it was finally time to get my dress on, my sister undid a pin at the back of my dress before buttoning me up and pricked her finger, when I looked in the mirror all I could see was a streak of red blood running down the back of my dress! Luckily my best friend grabbed a baby wipe and dabbed at the stain and it disappeared thank heavens. Although I was terror stricken at the time-I can look back on it and laugh now-a gaggle of women running around like headless chickens trying to ‘save’ my dress, lucky for me there’s always a best friend with a baby wipe on stand-by right when I needed her!

I have been asked by the guys over at Ocean Finance* to come up with my top money saving tips for a wedding and it just so happens I have a few-please don’t think we’re tight but going back 10 years ago we had very little money and being married was the most important thing to us, not spending a huge amount on the actual day itself. So here goes…

  • We opted for a winter wedding, everything is cheaper out of wedding season. Including car hire, venue and travelling abroad for your honeymoon.
  • As we were married out of season I was able to wait until the end of the summer to buy my dress, I managed to pick one up from my local bridal shop reduced from £700 to £100!
  • For the meal after the ceremony we invited friends and family to our local country pub. We asked them to pay for their meal themselves rather than giving us a wedding present. Everyone was happy to do so (I think!) and it provided a lovely intimate atmosphere enabling us to talk to everyone and enjoy the day together.
  • Instead of going on a lavish two week honeymoon, we instead chose 5 days in Paris. Over the years since our wedding we have been on some incredible holidays, but none compare to our Paris honeymoon and I doubt they ever will.

If I could change one thing from our day it would be to get a professional photographer to capture it all for us. We really were strapped for cash at the time and opted for family and friends to take photos and share them after. We do have some lovely keepsakes, however, photography is such a massive part of my life now I really do wish we had some professional shots done. If I could go back in time I would consider taking out a personal loan to help spread the cost.

We had the most wonderful day, full of love, family and beautiful memories. It was very low key and that’s exactly how we wanted it. The day was much more about our commitment to one another for the rest of our lives rather than spending a fortune.

How about you, what is your favourite memory from your wedding day and do you have any money saving tips to add to my list?

*post written in collaboration with Think Money

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