My morning routine using products from the Boots Botanics All Bright range

All Bright range from Boots Botanics

I am a self-confessed makeup and skincare junkie. You only need to take a look in my dressing room (purpose built to house my overspill) to realise that I enjoy buying beauty products I also collect them much to the chagrin of my husband but there are worse obsessions to have. I am the proud owner of more nail varnishes and lipsticks anyone could ever possibly need but I just love them. The same goes for skincare, I’ve been chasing that elusive skin glow for longer than I can remember and have tried numerous products over the years in order to try and achieve it.

My daytime skincare routine with Boots Botanics All Bright range

What I’ve learnt is: you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get fantastic results. Years ago and in its heydey, I once spent £130.00 on a jar of Creme De La Mer. It was quite possibly the worst week of substituting real food for beans on toast and having to walk everywhere because I had no money left for petrol. Turns out that Creme de La Mer was just not the creme de la creme. Instead, a pot of Nivea would have sufficed (exact dupe FYI) but there you go, hindsight and all that.

I know what works for my skin and what doesn’t. Favouring rich and replenishing oils overnight and a lighter more illuminating cream during the day. I was really pleased to receive a hamper from Boots with four products from the Botanics All Bright range. I do love a browse around Boots and have faithfully bought beauty and skincare products in there for many years.

The Botanics range from Boots is inspired by nature, they source ingredients to address a whole range of skincare concerns and  with 6 different ranges all tailored to specifically benefit the individual using them, you are bound to find something that suits you and your skin type. The scientific experts work closely with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to chose the perfect extracts to include. The All Bright range that I have been sent to try out uses exfoliating flower acids promoting a brighter, fresher and more radiant complexion that lasts all day long.

Yes please!

My eyes lit up when I read the words ‘radiant and glowing skin’ on the packaging because that is my skincare M.O. My must-haves and the words I search for when buying products myself. Read on and watch my vlog to see if the All Bright flower products helped my skin to blossom.

All Bright range from Boots Botanics

All Bright Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Water

I am all about the Micellar cleansing water right now and had been using the one from the Bioderma range, which is recommended by lots of beauty gurus. It was working really well for me so I hoped that the Botanics Cleansing Solution would perform just as well; mainly because it’s about half the price of the Bioderma! I must say it’s absolutely fab, you can watch the video below to see just how quickly it takes off yesterday’s mascara (I know-gross!) I also tend to wear gel eyeliner from Benefit most days and that stuff is like using permanent marker on your eyelids but the Botanics Micellar Cleansing Solution makes short work of taking it off. Result!

All Bright Purifying Scrub

I am a fan of scrubs and exfoliating. I would probably plump for an acid-based liquid exfoliator for daily use over a scrub as they can sometimes be a little harsh on my skin. I’ve had no problems with the purifying scrub, it hasn’t irritated my skin at all and leaves it soft and smooth. I can’t say I’ve noticed any major brightening effects from using it but my skin does feel nice and clean afterwards. I don’t think I would personally buy it again myself but Holly used it a lot while we were away on holiday and is really impressed by it so different strokes (or scrubs) for different folks, I guess.

All Bright Radiance Balm

This is the hero product for me, I have been buying radiance inducing balms since Clarins Beauty Flash Balm was a cult product back in the 90s! I have tried and tested many over the years including MAC strobe cream-another fav among the beauty gurus and makeup artists. I don’t know if I am a little past the serious shine and strobing effect from MAC. It’s just all a bit much for me, the Botanics balm just feels like MAC strobe cream’s more sophisticated older sister. A bit less Kim-K and more J-Lo if you catch my drift. The Botanics balm is pinker, more pearlescent and less in your face shine which is just what I like. I really love this product and will absolutely buy it again.

radiance balm and all bright moisturiser

Left: All Bright Radiance Balm Right: All Bright Day cream

All Bright Day Cream

Aimed at normal to dry skin this is the perfect moisturiser for daytime. It’s not moisturising enough for evening use when I like to drench my skin. I do have to face facts that I am the wrong side of 35 and I need something heavier at night. During the day though, I go for a much lighter and more fluid cream and this cream does a fantastic job of giving just enough moisturisation but without leaving my skin heavy with product. It’s great on top of the radiance balm -which I’ve found to be a little thicker in consistency to the moisturiser-adding that extra layer of brightness and a perfect base for makeup.

I’ve really enjoyed using the products from the Botanics All Bright range. My stand out items being the Micellar 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution and the Radiance Balm which has quite possibly reached HG status and a permanent space on my shelf. I’d really recommend you try out this range or anything else that tickles your fancy from Botanics. This is a brand you can trust to get it right in terms of quality ingredients and performance at an incredible price point.

Now go forth and shop the All Bright range but watch my video first to see me sans makeup and glowing (I hope!)

*This post was commissioned by Boots Botanics and I received the products for free. All thoughts, opinions, and anecdotes, as always my own.

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