What is your mum (or dad!) salary?

I don’t normally bother with online quizzes, I can’t stand those ones on facebook that ask you to upload a recent photograph so a computer somewhere can guess your age which will inevitably come back at 21 even though you quite obviously look 46…I actually spotted the ‘What is your ‘Mum Salary’ quiz’ on facebook a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d whiz through the questions curious to find out what metrics go into putting a price on being a parent. According to the quiz, my mum salary is £50,025 and I was actually quite conservative with my answers. The idea being to break down into hours the amount of time you spend doing all the jobs being a parent entails.

The quiz didn’t include anguish though, as in, the number of hours you spend worrying about your children, their development, their future. Of course, worrying isn’t an actual job or a physical ‘thing’ but I do spend quite a bit of time stressing about my role as a mother and whether I’m doing ok. I’m lucky that I have Justin to bounce off, he is a natural optimist and fly by the seat of your pants type of guy. With my natural uneasiness and his eternal sunny outlook, we meet in the middle somewhere and get it right, well, most of the time anyway.

Mr and Mrs T!

When we got our last mortgage we took out new life insurance and wrote a will. You know, all those things that grown-ups have to think about in the world of ‘adulting’. Talking about a will is actually quite morbid I suppose, but it helps when your financial adviser has a wicked sense of humour with an uncanny way of presenting unlikely scenarios in which one or both of you might perish and the importance of having the appropriate papers in order. We have joked that if I croak it then Justin will end up with no option but to hire a live-in au pair (Swedish, blonde: in his dreams!) but seriously, who is going to replace me if the worst were to happen? How would Justin manage with childcare, running a household and the loss of a second income? It’s not really something anyone wants to think about but if we didn’t have life insurance my little family would struggle to stay afloat.

mama lavender copy

I am the one that does the school runs, the cooking, the cleaning, the ferrying about. And so the list goes on. I work from home because the flexibility suits me and the rest of the family. I am here all of the time not just doing my day job but doing my most important job: being a mum and a wife. Justin is a local business owner, he gets up at the crack of dawn and works long hours. His business doesn’t just support our family but the families of all the people that work for him. If I wasn’t around to look after the children and our home and all of a sudden he had to do my job as well as his then his business just wouldn’t survive. So thank goodness we are insured and prepared for the worst should it ever happen (just not the Swedish au pair, ok?)

Mum or Dad, you are completely invaluable and irreplaceable but life insurance is the sensible thing to consider to help your family financially if they needed it.

Why not pop over to take the quiz, and find out your salary?

*This post was commissioned by SunLife

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