My 8 photographs of happiness

Sisters in lavender

I was tagged quite a while ago now from Aby to take part in this. I have found it so unbelievably difficult to narrow it down to just 8 photographs but here goes…

First is all three of my beautiful children. It’s quite rare that I get a shot of them all together and making nice faces showing their special bond. This remains one of my favourites of all time.

Lewi, Holly, Rose

This is Justin and I on our wedding day (obvs!) it was and still is one of the happiest days of my life. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find my prince charming, he saved me in more ways than one and took on Lewis and Holly as if they were his own children. It is our 10 year wedding anniversary on Thursday and this man still gives me butterflies.

wedding pic

Next up is a photograph of Lewis and Holly when they were about 7 and 8. I quite often reminisce about times passed. It’s an odd thing having children that grow up into young adults from being these carefree little beings who’s lives are full of having fun with one another and being partners in crime. I have so many pictures just like this one, and they really make me smile.

Two kids mucking about

I was going to post a picture of Rose in the first moments of her life. We waited 8 long years to get pregnant and, unfortunately, her entry into this world was anything but plain sailing and was fraught with panic. She arrived battered, bruised and blue. So instead I’m showing you this one; taken at her newborn photo shoot, expensive but worth every single penny. I have a whole album full of gorgeous shots just like this.

Newborn baby shoot-angel pose

I’ve always ridden horses and in the years when I was trying to get pregnant with Rose it was more than a hobby to me. This is Esther, she was the first horse I ever owned outright. We did lots together from dressage to cross country, until one winter she spooked and I came off. I landed on the frozen ground and broke my back. I only rode her twice after my accident and sadly I could never feel confident on her again and so we gave up our yard and other horses. We do still have a family pony, Lily. She belongs to my mother in law and we are lucky that the children get to ride if they want to. It makes me sad that I don’t keep horses anymore as they were such a massive part of my life, but maybe one day I will again.

A New Zealand mare

I remember taking this photograph in the middle of the day when Rose was under a year old. She’d been up and down all night poorly and I’d had next to no sleep. I made a promise when she was born to savour every single moment even when times were hard going and I really have. I know all too well how quickly they grow and don’t want cuddle sleeps anymore so I’ll hang on to these times as long as I can!


My beautiful girls at the lavender fields. Holly is particularly good with Rose and is a wonderful and patient big sister to her. This photograph reminds me of the long and relaxed summer holiday filled with day trips and adventuring around places like Somerset lavender being chased by thousands of bees. It was wonderful!

Sisters in lavender

And finally my gorgeous blogging pals. This was taken at BritMums Live 2015, never in my life have I been more excited about an event! The build up literally goes on for months and I was so looking forward to it because it was my first event and I got to meet everyone in real life. Especially Aby who is now one of best friends. When I saw her for the first time at Paddington station I felt so overwhelmed I nearly burst into tears. This photograph takes absolute pride of place on my desk!

Best friends

There we have it, hard as it was to choose, these are my 8 photographs of happiness, I love them all!

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  • Izzie Anderton

    Written on 1st December 2015


    I love each and every one of your gorgeous photos. The one that really stands out though is the one of Rose at her newborn photo shoot… she looks such a character even as a baby x

  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 2nd December 2015


    This is such a beautiful post Amy. I adore your photographs so it’s really lovely to see all your wonderful favourites in one place.xx

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 4th December 2015


    Oh I love this huni and am so glad to feature ;) I adore all of your pictures and the stories behind them. Love you huni xxxxx

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