My top ten blog posts of 2015

Headshot-Amy Treasure, Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

I was going to write a blog round up and summarise my own favourite posts from the past year, the ones I am most proud of. I thought I would check my stats first to see which ones were the most popular with you, my readers, and it turns out that the list is pretty much the same.

It’s been so nice to look back and reflect on which posts have resonated with you. It also reminds me of the reason I started writing this blog in the first place: as a way to record our lives, to keep a photo journal and at times as a place to collect my thoughts and sort through my feelings which has been a healing and cathartic process for me.

Headshot-Amy Treasure, Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

Here are my top ten posts of 2015…

1. What happens when your teenage daughter tells you she has a boyfriend

I had absolutely no idea when I wrote this just how popular it would be. It seems that those of you that haven’t reached this stage yet have read this post through gaps in your fingers thinking ‘I don’t want to know!’ I’ve had so many tweets and comments on the subject ranging from ‘I’d lock her up’ and ‘Send her to a convent’ If I look at my keywords searches on Google it tells me that this post has been viewed every single day since I published it which astonishes me. She is still going out with ‘the boy’ by the way…

2. How I tripled my blog traffic in three easy steps

A provocative title that promises an easy solution certainly helps! I think this has done so well because it’s simple. Follow these three easy steps and I can promise you that your traffic will increase. It wasn’t until I realised what content readers actually wanted to read that my blog really took off.

3. Save Syria’s Children

In September, a group of bloggers got together and achieved something quite remarkable. I felt so proud that day and still get goosebumps thinking about it now. As one of the main organisers of this campaign my post was featured on the Save Syria’s Children Charity facebook page, it attracted literally thousands and thousands of views within an hour. Unfortunately as was inevitable with such an emotive topic there was a terrible backlash and I had a sudden influx of horrific emails and messages; some very graphic. By the end of the day, Mr T set about deleting all the emails because they were that bad and it was too upsetting. It makes me sad that the nice ones (of which there were many too) got lost and I didn’t have the opportunity to say a personal thank you for the support. That part was a pretty horrendous experience but I wouldn’t change it and in the end, we raised more than £8000 in a single day. Thank you so much if you were a part of it, I am actually welling up as I type this!

4. Vegetable soup made with the Crofton soup maker

A bit random, but this is an honest list based on stats so this one comes in at number four. I must have paid attention when it came to SEO as apart from number 1 in this list, going by Google keywords I get searches for the Crofton soup maker almost daily! I have a really good relationship with the PR and Aldi and work with them on their specialbuys regularly and as this one was so time sensitive I actually put this post together in about 15 minutes so I’m not exactly proud of it. I keep meaning to put up some better soup recipes, as let’s face it, this isn’t the most exciting of soups is it?! On my to-do list…

5. What to include on a killer media kit

I must admit I really need to update my media kit as it’s so out of date now. Bad blogger. I was really pleased with my swanky media kit and wanted to show it off. I get quite a few Pinterest referrals through for this one and have been told it’s a useful post for bloggers thinking about turning their blog into a career. I do think a good media kit is important so hopefully if you haven’t got one you can pick up some tips from this post and I’ll make a note to update mine!

6. A farewell to breastfeeding; goodbye baby, hello toddler

Oh gosh just reading through this makes me well up a bit! I have loved reading all your comments on this post so much. I still miss breastfeeding Rose, it was such a special time and one that I really didn’t think I would ever get to experience again after Lewis and Holly. Rose was born after 8 years of trying to conceive and so all these precious moments are just that little bit more poignant and I am a soppy old soul.

7. A letter to my teenage self

This post was incredibly hard to write but like I said in the intro a lot of the stuff I write on here is to help me deal with my emotions. All the bad things that have happened in my life took place a long time ago but they are still present in my mind and need to be dealt with. I wasn’t sure whether to share something so personal or if I was overstepping some sort of line but I am glad I wrote this and I’m so grateful for all the support I received.

8. Are you beach body ready? (why this statement makes me fume)

Well, I do like to have a rant every now and then <winks> This post attracted quite a bit of debate and my first ever negative comment which was exciting! I love to debate and would never, ever expect everyone to agree with what I think but we do have to be grown-ups about it, don’t we? I managed to get a bit of my own media attention when this post was featured on the CNN website of all places and I was invited to speak at a college and a women’s group on feminism, get me! Have a read and let me know your thoughts but no comments about my cellulite, if you please…

9. Come what may

This is a newish post and of anything I’ve ever written it made me feel queasy when I hit publish. Although I have come to (relative) terms of dealing with the domestic violence I suffered all those years ago, I still feel some amount of shame and embarrassment. I know I should feel proud that I’ve come through it and the outpouring of love I felt the next day after finally publishing this was unbelievable and just amazing. Thank you so much for all your emails, comments, facebook comments and in particular that one Twitter message that had me balling my eyes out (I hope you know who you are) I am just so saddened at how many people reading have been through similar. If you have read the post and are affected then this statement will make sense: I hope you found YOUR fight song.

10. Seizing the day and why my husband calls me ‘lucky’ 

Just sneaking in at number 10 is one of my favourite posts of all time. Even though the beginning of this story is a bit crazy, I do try and live by the sentiment. I think it’s so important to take stock and remember everything that is truly important. It’s too easy to get bogged down with life and work, every now and then it’s good to pause, take stock and work out what really matters. I hope you like this one if you’ve never read it before. Carpe diem.

That’s my top ten! I have had a lovely time reminiscing and looking back it’s inspired me to instead of concentrating on commissioned work to find the time to get writing more of the personal posts again just for me (and you!) Except for those soup recipes, of course, got to keep Google happy!

Thanks so much to everyone for reading, commenting and sharing my blog posts in 2015 I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. 

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