Nathalie Bond Organics review plus an interview

The calm collection from Nathalie Bond Organics

Nathalie Bond Organics is a luxury organic skincare company which was founded when Nat Bond fell pregnant and started to research the chemicals found in her favourite products. She is now a full-time Mum and business owner. She runs Nathalie Bond Organics with her husband, Andy, and they ship their handmade goods internationally and have appeared in The Guardian, Glamour and Vogue – to name a few. I am honoured that they asked me to feature them here on the blog!

The calm collection from Nathalie Bond Organics

It was really wonderful to be offered an interview with Nathalie and I was also given the chance to try out a few products for myself. As someone who is working on becoming relaxed in the evenings (when my brain seems to be most active) I was immediately drawn to the Calm Collection lavender gift set. I adore lavender and use the essential oil in my Lumie bodyclock to help me ease into sleep each night. I find the scent is fantastic for winding down and it also has many other benefits such as treating tired muscles, detoxifying the skin and it can even help reduce blood pressure thus promoting a rejuvenating and restful sleep.

Clever stuff!

What this calming scent does for me is transport me back to lying in a field full of beautiful lavender on a warm summer day, it’s just amazing what emotions our senses can evoke.

Asleep in a field full of lavender

Contents of the Calm Collection gift set:

I also received a beautiful handmade lavender soap which looks almost too good to use but smells so heavenly I haven’t been able to resist.

lavender soap from Nathalie Bond Organics

Lavender salts from Nathalie Bond Organics

Using the products is like an indulgent spa experience and for me they go a long way in helping me to feel calm and relaxed. The smell lingers afterwards, especially from the body oil which for me would be the stand out product from the range. If you enjoy the smell of lavender then you will 100% love these products and I can’t wait to try more from the Nathalie Bond starting with the skin balm and also the eucalyptus scrub that Nat talks about in her interview – both sound amazing and are on my wishlist!

scented candle and soap from Nathalie Bond Organics

As I said, I was really lucky to be invited to interview the lovely Nat, here’s what she had to say:

What inspired you to create your business Nathalie Bond Organics?

When I was pregnant with my first son, Alfie, I became really sensitive to synthetic fragrances. So, I started looking into why and discovered that most products were packed full of chemicals. I didn’t feel right about using them anymore and I started looking into alternatives. Along with my husband Andy, I decided to start to making our own natural products. We began with candles because I loved burning candles around the home and I wanted an alternative to the chemical-infused candles we were using. We did our first local market in Sheffield with the candles and did really well, so we moved on to developing other products. So far the business has always evolved very naturally!

How important is it to you to know the provenance of your ingredients?

It is really important for me to know the provenance of our ingredients. When we are sourcing our ingredients we just make sure that the people we are working with have organic certification. Because it is really important to us to know exactly where ingredients have originated from, we will always trace back to the country the ingredients are imported from. For example, our shea butter currently comes from Ghana. In the future, we’d love to source directly from the farmers, but you need a lot of legislation in place to do that. At the moment, it’s much easier to go with the middle man and know all the legality is taken care of and the safety criteria has already been met.

What has been the brand’s biggest achievement so far?

We had a big six-page spread in Country Homes & Interiors, which was wonderful and we have recently been able to take on a few members of staff. It is only our second year of business, so these things have been a great encouragement to us.

You have access to all these lovely products if you had to choose one, which is your favourite?

I’d have to say the Peppermint + Eucalyptus Body Scrub. It moisturises and exfoliates all at once so it takes one step out of my skincare routine. In the morning, I can hop in the shower, wash with one of our soaps and then moisturise with the scrub while I am still in the shower. Plus, the scent of eucalyptus is really invigorating, which is super handy in the morning when I am feeling sleep deprived (my second son is only a few months old!)

What process do you go through to select the ingredients?

We don’t really have a process as such, we have just gone with our instincts when experimenting with products. I might suggest something or Andy might create a few options and then if we both like something we’ll just take it to market and see how it goes. We have also done a few courses to find out more about ingredients and the internet is always full of lots of handy tips and ideas. If we stumble across an ingredient we like we will explore ways to use it in our products. We are definitely moving towards doing more market research though to find out what our customers like, so we can ensure we keep making products they want to use. It is our intention to keep the range small and uncomplicated for our customers.

Why is organic better?

If we put products on our skin created with the best possible ingredients, then we know that what is being absorbed through our skin is good for us. I guess it comes back to why we set up the company in the first place, which was to point out that you don’t need to put chemicals into your body when there is a better natural alternative out there. And, of course, organic farming is much better for the environment and helps sustain the planet rather than destroy it.

How do you juggle your work and family life?

I am on maternity leave at the moment. I felt that I wasn’t going to be able to manage the business on top of family life for the first six months of Ted’s life. So I have decided to take a little bit of a step back. I’m still involved, but at the moment Andy is kind of running everything and he’s doing a really good job. We fit things in, in and around the boys. Alfie will be going to nursery around April/May time and then I am going to fit some work around Ted and his nap times. Without Andy the business wouldn’t really be running – so the business is very much a combined effort – it is not something I do on my own. And that helps massively! Also, because our workshop is next to our house we can work from home, which really helps us to juggle work and family life. We can have all our meals together, which is really precious time for us.

What is your favourite scent?

For morning showers, I would say peppermint and eucalyptus. For burning candles, I’d say lemongrass and for soap, I’d choose rose geranium.

Tell me a bit about your workshop, what happens there?

Our workshop is next to our home in Sheffield and it basically a big garage. And we have all of our ingredients and our workstation set up there. That is where all the products are made, labelled and shipped out. Andy has a PC and mini office space set up too, so he runs everything from the workshop. If a customer phones up, they’ll call straight into the workshop where Andy will pick up. Couriers also come to the workshop to pick up orders or I will drive to the local post office and send stuff off from there. So, it is very much a hand to mouth situation – we get the orders, we process them from start to finish ourselves in the workshop.

What are your hopes for the future of your brand?

We’d like to see the growth of the business so we can expand out staff and our range of products. We’d also love to be able to support more organisations like World Vision or a local charity we’ve got in Sheffield called Baby Basics. Plus, we’d like to help make more of a name for the organic and natural market. We never want to be a massive corporate business, but maybe there are niches that we’ve not really thought of yet – possibly spas, that kind of thing. Overall, our hope for the future of the brand is that it just grows and that we have a faithful following of customers and people who just keep writing good things about us!

Nathalie Bond

Nat and Husband Andy with their children.

Thanks so much to Nat for chatting with me today and for sending me the lovely products to try out!

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  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 9th March 2016


    These sound lovely. I’m going to check out the range to see if it is free from palm oil, hopefully it will be with all those lovely natural ingredients!x

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