Natur Boutique organic lemongrass and green tea

As regular readers will know I have really stepped it up a gear this year in terms of reaching my personal ultimate fitness goals. As part of my healthy lifestyle I endeavour to eat a healthy diet and try and only fuel and nourish my body with things that I know are good for me and will benefit me in some way. I do have the occasional treat of course, usually at the weekend (have you seen my marshmallow pops!?)


During the week I’m pretty focussed and lately instead of only drinking coffee all day long I’ve become a fan of drinking home made green juices and hydrating my body with green tea. I was recently sent some lemon grass and green tea from Natur Boutique*

Natur Boutique tea is grown in the mountains in Vietnam. It grows slowly which contributes to its rich flavour and unusually high levels of anti-oxidants. Combined with lemongrass this tea certainly packs a punch in terms of high levels of anti-oxidants. There are no preservatives, artificial flavourings, colourings or any other additives, no GMO and is certified organic. With all those goodies even if I didn’t like the taste I’d still drink it!


I really like the idea of combining green tea with another flavour and haven’t seen the lemongrass one before so was interested to see what it tasted like. It’s definitely lemony but not in an overbearing way and smells absolutely beautiful. The tea itself is wonderfully delicate, the lemongrass balances the flavour by taking the nettle taste away from the green tea (if you drink green tea-you’ll know what I mean by ‘nettle taste’) So if you’re struggling with drinking green tea on its own, I recommend you try one with an additional flavour like the Natur Boutique’s lemongrass and green tea to make it more palatable.

Available from good Holland and Barrett and other good health food shops.

*pr sample


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