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Part of the Netflix Stream Team

Moving into our new house was super exciting but little did we know living on the edge of a forest in front of an enormous quarry wall means no possible way of getting cable TV (insert screamy face horrified emoticon) With two teens and a toddler this could spell DISASTER.

Thank heavens for the modern miracle that is super fast broadband and Netflix!

So how delighted was I to be invited to join the Netflix Stream Team? Very delighted indeed.

The lovely team at Netflix* sent us a box of goodies to get us started, which included a nifty little programme picker. Remember those fortune teller things you used at school in the 90s that would tell you who you would marry? They were extremely accurate. Probably. Anyway, I digress, we used the fortune teller to help us decide what to watch one Sunday afternoon which was really good fun. To be honest Rose rules the roost when it comes to family film time and so we ended up watching Rise of the Guardians which is an absolutely brilliant magical film that will make you laugh out loud in places.

Part of the Netflix Stream Team

Justin and I are currently finishing off series 3 of Orange is the New Black after I had a conversation with one of the editors at Huffington Post and got a bit of OITNB envy when I heard how much she is loving series 4. The older kids have been catching up on Vampire Diaries (one of my all-time favs) and The Originals. Rose pretty much watches Paw Patrol on repeat interspersed with the odd episode of Bubble Guppies – what is it with kids watching the same thing over and over again?

Watching Bubble guppies on Neflix on an iPad

We have all profiles set up by name and Netflix cleverly saves what you’ve been watching. So if you’re like me and you are about to fall asleep mid programme all you need to do is stop it or turn Netflix off and it’ll pick up right where you left off next time. Perfect! Netflix will also suggest shows based on your preferences and what you’ve watched before so there’s always something new to discover.

Netflix profiles

As we all have our own profile pictures, Rose can easily recognise hers and if I hand her my phone or the iPad when we’re in the car or out and about she can click on her picture and Netflix will only show her age appropriate programmes or films thanks to the smart settings.

Kid’s profile on Netflix

Netflix recommended viewing

You can pretty much guarantee that we’ll be binge-watching box sets over the next few months. Getting cosy and snuggling up to watch something completely addictive is one of our favourite things to do. We managed to get through every single episode of Breaking Bad in about 5 weeks!! If you haven’t watched it yet, you absolutely must and if you don’t like it? We can’t be friends anymore…

As you can probably guess we do love a bit of Netflix so you can expect updates over the next year as to what we’ve been watching and enjoying. I’ll also be bringing you the inside info on what’s hot to watch. I’ve heard the Gilmore Girls is amazing and so it’s secured a place on my list. You can watch, catch up or re-watch ALL 7 seasons right now.

Do leave me your suggestions in the comments and let me know what you’ve been watching on Netflix!

*Post written in collaboration with Netflix.

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  • Emma

    Written on 7th July 2016


    I LOVE Netflix. It is pretty much my social life now that I don’t have family on hand to babysit. I have many, many faves including ONB. But I also love Pretty Little Liars, it is so trashy but I love it. I love The Good Wife but have now finished it all. I have watched all of Suits and I quite like Frankie and Grace. I really do watch a lot of Netflix because there isn’t anything on TV that is any good. I only watch TV programmes that have Phil and Kirsty in! Youngest is also a big fan of Paw Patrol and that Dora! :-)

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