A new found love for yoga

Yoga on the roof

When I’m ‘on it’ in the gym, I’m really on it. I’ve talked here before about being an all or nothing kind of girl, which I am sure many of you can relate to. When I get into the swing of things and establish a routine I can be that person who is flat out at the gym showing up to four spin classes a week and fitting in a heavy weight lifting session in-between. But really, when all is said and done, I am a busy mum of three with my own business and a home to look after.

And sometimes something’s got to give.

Much as I really long to reach my ultimate physical fitness, often it’s just not doable. That’s where home exercise comes in and the most important (yet incredibly simple) tool in my arsenal at the moment is a yoga mat and a bottle of water.

I love going full-pelt on the exercise bike, the punishing and often grueling classes that make you feel sick and elated all at once. But the sensation I get from practicing yoga is totally different, ok so I’m not burning upwards of 600 calories in 45 minutes but when I’ve had a truly hectic day and I’m totally frazzled; yoga is my secret weapon to feeling amazing.


Now that the evenings are a bit brighter and a little longer, I can leave the kids with Justin and take myself out onto the roof of our outbuilding, practice my yoga and soak up the last few rays of sunshine. It’s really beautiful up there with the birds chirping their last few songs of the day and I take a bit of time to examine the trees in our garden and marvel at how there are already thousands more green leaves than the week before. I adore our garden and when we bought the house with its interesting layout and flat roofs I could imagine myself up on the roof having a few moments of calm all to myself and now that’s a blissful reality.

I’m by no means a yoga expert, but I’ve been watching classes on YouTube and Justin has been practicing yoga for many years now so is always on hand to give me a few pointers. While I love the thrill of cardio exercise for quick results and keeping my weight in check, yoga is fantastic for rebalancing my body and mind and after every session, I feel incredibly calm. I also sleep so much better and my back pain has improved considerably since I started.

Yoga with Swisse

If you’d have asked me a year ago about my exercise routine it would have been non-existent. I was battling the same frustrations of any busy mum or dad: not enough time and nowhere near enough energy. Then, I was introduced to Swisse vitamins and I started to really re-evaluate my approach to health and fitness. Why was I lacking in so much energy? Why did my body feel so sluggish all the time?

And the big one: when was I ever going to sleep again?

So with the help of Swisse and Superfoodist nutritionist Rick Hay, I implemented an entire lifestyle change, added in vitamins specific to my needs and a diet overhaul recommended by Rick.

The results speak for themselves: I have so much more energy now and what was frankly, a terrible sleep routine has seen me getting double the amount of hours shut-eye a night. Staggering, right? I feel like a totally different person.

I had a meeting with Rick yesterday, and he asked me what the biggest changes have been. Getting the extra energy and sleep is a huge, huge deal for me. Before, I was not looking after myself and doing what I imagine all mums do: putting everyone else’s needs before my own. Now I have all this energy, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. I feel that exercise is achievable now and I can get all my work done during the day while the children are at school. I look after the home, do the shopping, cook dinner, get everyone ready for bed and then instead of staying up until 1 am every morning meeting deadlines and frantically catching up I make sure I get an early night so I’m refreshed and ready to do it all again the next day.

I’m actually in bed by 9 pm most nights these days!  This has made such a huge difference and I am sure the magnesium I take is what I have to thank for regulating my sleep.

If you want to know about all the different vitamins I take and the reasons why then have a read of this post and watch the vlog I made. It explains the benefits of each in detail.

It was great to meet Rick in person, I said over on Instagram stories what an insightful guy he is and that he really knows his stuff and a few of you messaged me with questions. I feel really lucky to have him on hand to help and I know he’d be willing to share that knowledge so do let me know if you have any specific nutrition questions for Rick or would like to know more about the ingredients in Swisse vitamins, it would be great to do a Q&A with him here on the blog.

For now, I’m going to grab five minutes on my yoga mat before I’m off to do the weekly shop and school pick up…

*I am an ambassador for Swisse. Follow my journey on social media by tracking the #SwisseFamilies hashtag. Swisse vitamins are available exclusively at Boots.

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