Our week in pictures

Plenty going on this past week, the kids have resumed their usual clubs and Lewis is as dedicated to Army Cadets as ever-he rarely lets me take a photo but I quickly snapped this one as he was distracted doing up his boots. He looks so handsome and grown up in his uniform, almost a man.

We had lots of fun baking for Halloween and it was so lovely for the big kids to dress up Rose in her spider outfit ready to take her off trick or treating. It pulled at my heart strings a little bit as I watched them walking hand in hand up our street.

We went to the most amazing fireworks display at Chepstow racecourse, maybe the best we’ve ever seen! I loved dressing us all up in our coats and hats and scarves. This is my favourite time of the year.

I got a new fieldcoat from Joules something I’ve wanted in past years but never got around to buying, I’m really pleased with it. It’s very country indeed!

We’ve had lots of cuddle time with Rose as usual, the big kids are not always as forthcoming so we make the most of her while we can; falling asleep in our arms or twiddling our hair and cherishing every moment.

I did a stint on the radio talking about teenagers and apprenticeships which I thoroughly enjoyed and have been really interested to find out more about the opportunities out there for our young people.

The girls and I went out the other evening for frozen yoghurt and Holly waited with Rose while I went into the hairdressers next door to talk about having some extensions eeeek! Exciting stuff, more on that soon..

So that’s our week in the Treasure household. Hope you all had a fun and happy week.

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