The PacaPod Firenze in Claret

In case you didn’t know I have a bit of a thing for bags. Especially leather ones. A few years ago, before I was even a proper grown up with a mortgage and stuff, I saved and saved and bought myself a Mulberry Bayswater. I was studying journalism at the time and remember thinking that I’d look rather important at meetings with my leather ‘it’ bag. Turns out I’ve only ever used it a handful of times because as lovely as it might be it’s also the heaviest bag in the entire world and not at all practical when you have to carry toddler paraphernalia with you.

Pacando Firenze toddler change bag

And practicality really is key when you think about it.

The woman in you wants a stylish and sophisticated bag but the mother knows it needs to be spacious and useable. The beauty of a PacaPod changing bag is there is lots of scope for being completely organised even if deep down your life is pretty chaotic like mine is! I’ve been using the PacaPod Firenze for the last three or so weeks now and I’m smitten. It’s a truly timeless classic bag in the most beautiful claret colour. A great size for me to carry around everything I need as well as being a gorgeous piece of (practical) arm candy.

Pacapod Firenze changing bag



There’s nothing worse than trying to get a wriggling toddler into the car while simultaneously rummaging for your keys, or not being able to quickly lay your hands on a wet wipe. I’m not keen on the changing bags that you just chuck everything into and then hope for the best when attempting to search for it. The PacaPod 3-in-1 organising system is a brilliant solution: a place for everything and everything in its place!

changing pods in Pacapod change bag Firenze


Pacapod Firenze changing pods

The PacaPod Firenze is the chic Mary Poppins of changing bags with oodles of room and clever compartment pods that keep your toddler’s things separate from your own. The Firenze is also the perfect travel companion when you’re sans toddler and really is a brilliant handbag even though it’s really a changing bag, nobody will be able to tell the difference!

Pacapod Firenze changing bag

If you still use a pram or buggy, the Firenze has clever clips that you can use to attach the bag to your handle leaving you hands-free. The Firenze would also be a great option for air travel as will easily pass as carry-on luggage.

Pacapod Firenze primark jumpsuit


I’ve been taking the Firenze with me on days out with the family, using the pods (one of which is an insulated cool bag) for a spare change of clothes for Rose, her water bottle, a few snacks and wet wipes. On a recent work trip to London, I was able to pop my laptop and notebook into the large parent pocket and I actually used the pods at the front to house my camera body in one and lens in the other. You could remove the pods entirely if you wanted to but I like that they are padded enough to protect my camera without the need for a separate camera bag as well. There is also a key fob and mobile dividing pockets inside the parent pocket. Like I said, a place for everything.

What’s the best Pacapod changing bag

The sign of a good leather bag – and I know my bags – is walking into a room and smelling the leather before you’ve even seen the bag! The Firenze has a pebbled cowhide leather finish which reminds me a lot of the Mulberry Bayswater; it’s sturdy yet sophisticated with shape and structure to it, rather than a floppy soft leathered tote.

Pacapod Firenze in Claret


The moment you lay your hands on the bag and feel the quality you can tell immediately that this is a luxury item. Attention to detail is everything and PacaPod haven’t skimped on quality, putting a lot of thought into the design of this bag, with thick chunky zips, subtle Pacapod branding and stunning gold hardware. A roomy interior pocket and the two pods inside, it has it all. In fact, there’s nothing I don’t like. If you’re a new mum this will see you through the baby days well into the toddler years and beyond.

*Thank you to PacaPod for sending me the Firenze.  I love it!

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  • Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    Written on 19th May 2017


    A girl after my own heart! This bag looks beautiful Amy. I saw it on IG and I had to come and see more. I love all the compartments it has and that it doesn’t look like a changing bag. Brilliant that you can use it for you too. I’m in love x

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