Paediatric Emergency First Aid Training


Before I started blogging I used to work as a dental nurse. I worked in hospitals and in surgeries around Bristol and part of my role was to be proficiently trained in emergency first aid. I have always felt confident that should a real life emergency situation occur I would know what to do and be able to help.

Since having another baby I’ve felt more anxious that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to apply the skills I already have to a child and wanted to complete some training with a bigger emphasis placed on paediatric first aid. When Spearhead Compliance Training got in touch and asked me if I’d like to review one of their e-courses I immediately agreed and sat down at my laptop and took the course that very evening.

I am a firm believer that everyone should have some form of emergency first aid training, especially those of us with children or who work with children. As a mum, I know all too well the accidents that can happen and I want to know I’ve done everything I can to be able to handle an emergency situation.

Spearhead Compliance Training is a brilliant on-line resource for anyone wanting to complete a paediatric first aid course. The website is easy to use and takes you through each part of the training step by step, completing modules as you go. I really enjoyed the videos that accompany the written information and found them informative and simple to follow.

When it comes to our little ones, probably one of the things that frightens us the most and indeed one of the highest risk factors for children, is choking. I thought I was aware of all possible choking hazards but in this section of the course the danger of a child choking on a nappy sack was highlighted, this is something that just hasn’t occurred to me before. Being made aware of things like this and knowing how to do infant CPR or treat a burn are some of the many topics covered.

At the end of the course there is an exam with questions about what you have learnt and when you’ve passed the exam you get a certificate to say you’ve completed a course in paediatric emergency first aid. I learnt a lot from the course and passed the exam only getting part of one question wrong so I’m pleased that I took in all of the information I learnt from the course and was able to answer the questions correctly. I thought the course was fantastic and would highly recommend it to you.

The Spearhead Compliance Training course in Paediatric Emergency First Aid costs just £20.00 and Spearhead are generously donating £10.00 of that fee to Birmingham Children’s hospital. They are aiming to raise £10,000 for this brilliant cause. So not only can you be doing something brilliant for yourself in learning these valuable skills you can also help to raise money for a wonderful cause at the same time!

For more information head over to the Spearhead Compliance Training website or visit their facebook page.

*I was given this e-course for free in exchange for a review. As always my opinions are my own.

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    • Amy

      Written on 6th January 2015


      It really is good value isn’t it. I really enjoyed it and found so much info on there that I didn’t know, despite already being a qualified first aider. Big thumbs up from me. Thanks for stopping by Kim x

  • tracey at Mummyshire

    Written on 7th January 2015


    Wow, what a great idea. A paediatric first aid course is always something that I think I must do but never get around to – probably because finding time to do things out of the home is so difficult. Really good idea and I’ve bookmarked the page.
    Popping over from #TriedAndTested

    • Amy

      Written on 7th January 2015


      It’s such a good idea for peace of mind. I really enjoyed it. Let me know how you get on with it xx

    • Amy

      Written on 7th January 2015


      Hi Kate-I love tried and tested it’s such a good idea. I will be joining in much more. Thanks for hosting xx

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